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What the blockchain?! Weird things you’ll find in cryptocurrency

In a space of economics and technology, you might expect only the highest level of professionalism. Not quite and this is why this list might surprise you.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

If we had to tell you that an artist has embedded thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency in their publically displayed art and that there was a cryptocurrency born from a meme which has a market cap of $311 million USD, you’d probably think we were insane.

Well, it’s not true. We’re not insane. But the world of cryptocurrency can be and some things within the space of digital currency are just so quirky that it’s hard to imagine that the whole system revolves around millions and millions (and millions) of dollars.

In this, we will take you through some of the more bizarre aspects which live within the space of cryptocurrency.

CoinDaddy – Bitcoin Rap Sensation

Yeah, you read that correctly. In this world exists a man who is a rapper solely focused on Bitcoin. Coindaddy, a 28-year-old real estate agent turned Bitcoin mogul decided to cash in his fame to become the world’s most-niche-rap-artist. Having been styled as cryptocurrency’s Weird Al Yankovic, CoinDaddy adds his massive amount of quirk to the community, donned in a long white fake mink coat, gold-heeled shoes, and leopard-print shirts.

Yes, gold-heeled shoes, folks attempting to help the words and “educate newbs” about digital currency.

Quirky Coins

With Dogecoin leading the market of meme-coins, there has been a fair share of peculiar tokens that have arisen since cryptocurrency’s fame. The coins, ranging from Garlicoin which brands itself as a means “to create a cryptocurrency to revolutionize the memecoin market” to the cavity-free Dentacoin, offer obscure ideas and amusing perceptions on use-cases for cryptocurrency. It’s highly unlikely that any of the coins – except the startling case of Dogecoin – will ever honestly take off, but their journey to some moon is at least an entertaining one to watch.

Cryptocurrency inspired art

Art is known to be valuable, but this case puts a different sort of price-tag into play.

Andy Bauch, an abstract artist, has taken his art and embedded puzzles within his pieces which can be solved to reveal addresses to cryptocurrency wallets holding different amounts of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. The artist has said that he is “trying to span this gap that often exists between new technology and humanity,” with his artwork. He has used huge amounts of Lego pieces to give a tactile approach to his art, and his pieces abstractly represent a pixelated aesthetic.

Bitcoin Initially Valued at $50

Kittens and zombies on Ethereum’s blockchain

A game was developed to run off Ethereum’s network to offer a bit of light-hearted digital petting. Instead of being light, Cryptokitties boomed in popularity and ended up adding a serious amount of pressure on the blockchain which has resulted in an enormous traffic jam on the network.

Further quirks on Ethereum’s blockchain have stemmed from the blockchain craze and other games have emerged since, such as the card collecting CryptoCelebrities and the surprising educational CryptoZombies.

The impassioned middle finger

Okay, while this one might not be quirky, we do think it is one of the weirder things to have come from an industry which should be professional and well-polished.

The tempers which have been raised on the blockchain have resulted in some fiery ‘debates’ which cannot go unmentioned. In particular, we are talking about the interview which sent Bitcoin Cash’s CEO Roger Ver into such a state that he pulled his middle finger at his computer screen and rage quit the online dialogue.

The interviewer, John Cavarlho, evidently found the button that pushed Ver to breaking point and pressed it. Repeatedly.

“Why do you have a problem with people calling it Bcash?”, Cavarlho posed innocently, to which Ver answered: “[if] I called you a four letter word that you didn’t want to be called, you wouldn’t appreciate it.”

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