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Bitfinex introduces Aion, Iostoken, Dai, and nine other altcoins for trading

The world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform has announced the introduction of twelve new ERC-20 coins. Among the tokens listed is Dai – a direct competitor to the director’s coin, Tether.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

Bitfinex, one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms, announced with excitement that they are introducing trading for a dozen new Ethereum tokens.

The announcement listed the twelve new altcoins which all fall under the technical regulations for smart contracts accommodated on Ethereum’s blockchain or – in technical terms – they are ERC-20 tokens.

The company stated in the notice that the “token listings [will] have a combined market capitalization of $1.1B+ USD” and the coins signify a substantial addition to the platform offering their traders “greater exposure to a broader range of innovative digital assets.”

Investors will be also able to trade the tokens against Bitcoin, Ethereum and the United States dollar and margin trading and peer-to-peer funding will gradually become accessible as liquidity advances.

The new members on the Bitfinex lineup are Aion, Iostoken, Request Network, Raiden Network, Loopring, BnkToTheFuture Token,, Wax, SingularityNET, MedicalChain, Odem, and Dai.

The listing of Dai is worth noting as is seems to be the direct competition between Tether – a major stablecoin which happens to share the same directors as Bitfinex. The announcement singled out particular information to the coin, saying that it will initially be made available against BTC, ETH and USD but the platform is looking for other potential DAI pairs.

Chief Executive Officer at Bitfinex Jean-Louis van der Velde conveys enthusiasm for the endeavor, saying that “such a large selection of tokens, representing a diverse array of blockchain-based projects, marks an exciting development for Bitfinex.” The CEO is “proud to introduce” the tokens to the platform with the confidence that each new coin will “strengthen and enliven a unique aspect of the global blockchain ecosystem” and is hoping that they will be able to deliver “new and exciting trading options” to their users.

Van der Velde also believes that this will be able to further accommodate the needs for the company’s customers and looks forward to offer services which will be able to best tend to the needs of the traders.

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