Bitcoin starts the week strong and the market pushes higher


Following the weekend, Bitcoin has managed to gain 6.38% and is now valued at $4,079 USD. Looking at the chart showing Bitcoin’s movement over the past week, the spike overnight is visible following a week of gradual increase.

Not only has Bitcoin seen a green rally, but the rest of the market has started the week off in the green. At the time of writing Ethereum, which has taken back the second position in the market, is looking at gains of 5.91% and holds a valuation of $158.55 USD. Ripple in third is showing a modest increase of 1.58% in day-on-day trading and is sitting at $4.19 USD.

Market analysis from eToro Mati Greenspan commented on the market’s wave of green using data taken from Coin360:

Although we’re not sitting on money-bags of Bitcoin yet,  as is stands, January has been kind to the cryptocurrency market. If the trends can continue like this into the rest of the week, we might be holding a very different outlook by Friday.

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