Bitcoin SV doubles in price, showing bullish increases despite controversy

Bitcoin SV

The market has been bullish in its volatility over the past few weeks, with tokens gaining double digits and Bitcoin pulling up from below $5000 to touch the $8000 mark. Currently, one token which is showing massive traction is Bitcoin SV; the hard fork developed from a split between Roger Ver and Craig Wright. Split from Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV has had its fair share of controversy – and now it’s having its share of the bullish market.

Bitcoin SV price

Over the past 24 hours, the token has spiked in price – doubling its value – and it seems to be holding the increase at this stage. At the time of writing, BSV has gained 74% in day-on-day trading to see a value of $110.08 from $61.90.

Bitcoin SV



Bitcoin SV in the market

At the start of the year, Bitcoin SV entered proceedings as the 9th most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap on January 6th, and was trading at $90.38 USD. At the time, the cryptocurrency was holding a total market cap of $1,586,212,000.

Looking at the current state, the market has hit the forked cryptocurrency with a lower rank but a higher value. Now, it is the 11th most valuable cryptocurrency and it trades for $110.08 and bears a total market cap of $1,958,598,922 USD.

BSV trading changes

Over the past three months, the Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency network saw its highest value when BSV was worth $139.31. The token’s low point saw a dipped value of $50.29.

Into the future

It’s uncertain whether the token is going through a price pump, which might ultimately see a major decline in time. If the token is able to hold its increase, Bitcoin SV might see a bullish pullback in ranks and price despite being delisted from major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, and Shapeshift recently.

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