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Is Stellar going to the moon? Let’s take a look at the altcoin

Bitcoin is making the markets move. In this, we look at how and what that might mean for the short and long-term price of the tokens.

Bitcoin Price Market Update

Indicator: Bollinger Band
-Support: Centerline at $4,300
-Resistance: $5,200-$5,300
-Target Price: $5,800 (take 20% profits)
-RSI/Stoch – Overbought

BTC price

Click here for the Trading View video.

Stellar Price Market Update

-Indicator: Bollinger Band
-Support: Centerline at $.114
-Resistance: $.14 to $.145
-Target Price: $.145 (take 20% profits)
-RSI/Stoch – Early overbought

For a more detailed analysis of the support and resistances of both tokens, give the video below a watch.