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Bitcoin continues to surge upwards and the market follows in the green

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency tokens seem to be heading in the upwards direction just before the end of the year. Could this be the Santa Claus rally we are hoping for?

Following a disheartening past few weeks, it seems as though the cryptocurrency market might be offering a dash of hope before Christmas. Big dog Bitcoin has hit the $4,000 USD mark after hovering below $3300 USD and it looks like it might continue into greener pastures.

Although we advise caution when it comes to cryptocurrency market, as volatility can be expected, there is optimism as the token inclines. Ripple’s XRP and Ethereum have also seen a rise in values. Ethereum, which remains in third place in the crypto ranks, has seen sub $100 USD figures, and is now trading for above $110 USD.

Bitcoin Cash has seen a whopping increase of 39.07% at the time of press and is sitting at a value of $158.10 USD. The Bitcoin hard fork, which has been facing major controversy following the recent fork update, is surging while other tokens are seeing lower figured, albeit positive, changes.