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How to trade for profits in Bitcoin in this current cycle

The most difficult thing to do when Bitcoin price is increasing is not to buy, but to sell. As a trader, you need to put greed aside and know that selling is key in profit-making.

One of the hardest things to do as a trader is not hitting the buy button, it’s hitting the sell button. Trading is about managing and discipline in yourself; more so than managing the charts.

Now that we’re in a profitable zone, it’s even more difficult to sell when things look like they’re going to keep going up. But as a trader, you’re in this for the gains and to make profitable trades. You can HODL, but opening up profits with the goal of accruing more Bitcoin or cryptocurrency – or even fiat – is the most important for a trader or market speculator.

In this video, I go through the how and when to take profits and how to manage the risks in Bitcoin and crypto in the current cycle.

Feb 18th – Bitcoin Daily Market Update + Risk Mgmt + Profit take by WolfpackCrypto on