Bitcoin surges, reaching to break through the $12 000 mark again


After a few days of moderate volatility and below $11 500 trading values, Bitcoin has once again spiked towards the $12 000 mark. The rest of the cryptocurrency market, as usual, has followed the trend and the charts are flushed with green. Looking at data taken from, we can see that the big movers are gaining values while only few altcoins are in the red zone.


Bitcoin price

While the beginning of last week might have seen a dip in Bitcoin price when the cryptocurrency fell to $9,737.88, the rest of the week saw gains. Bitcoin rose to see a breakthrough as it touchedĀ  $12,000 before falling down again to trade between $11 000 and $11 500. Currently, the potential beginning of an upward trend. Currently, Bitcoin is reaching for a new weekly high as it gains 5.22% to see a value of $11,828.39.

If the market can continue this positive direction heading into the rest of the week, we might see the new bullish movement in this crypto spring.

Bitcoin price

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Ethereum price

Looking at the leading altcoin’s chart, we see that Ethereum is boasting a staggered week with an overall gaining trajectory. Ethereum right now has a 6.92% gain in day-on-day trading and has a value of $308.89. Over the week, Ethereum has seen a trading low of $272.60 compared to its weekly high of $310.66.

Ethereum price

Ripple XRP price

Ripple price, which often deviates from Bitcoin and Ethereum’s trend, has had a week of drawing lows followed by sharp upturns. As it stands, Ripple has a moderate gain of 0.80% in daily trading leading to a price of $0.397258. Over the week, the altcoin has seen a low value of $0.375611 next to a high value of $0.409833.

Ripple price

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