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Bitcoin explodes to smash through the $10 000 mark – can we expect to see massive movements up?

Bitcoin has broken through new barriers of resistance to see over $10800 in value. If this is the next bullrun like 2017, then we can be expecting massive price movements.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

Remember that time people said that Bitcoin was a bubble waiting to pop? Well, popping might be the opposite of what it is doing right now. Bitcoin price is surging once more and the cryptocurrency market is following suit.

Looking at data from, we can see the leading tokens in the market are showing a healthy shade of green, with up to 10% gains from the top five.

Bitcoin priceBitcoin price

Over the past day, Bitcoin has shot up to break through not only the $10 000 marks, but to head to over $10 800. Currently, it is boasting a figure of $10,872.37 which is a 10.43% gain in daily trading value.

Looking out to the past seven days, Bitcoin’s chart shows slow and steady growth leading into the daily surge. Comparing the lowest price in the week – $8,626.84 – to the current peak which is Bitcoin price right now $10,872.37, there is a tidy 26% gain in weekly trading value.

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Bitcoin price

Ethereum price

The price of Ethereum has also surged up, showing 7.80% gains in the last twenty-four hours of trading. The token shot up from a $283.60 price tag to see $308.75 over the past day.

The bullish gains are likely as a result of Bitcoin’s surge. Over the past seven days, Ethereum price has shown less of a steady trend, but within the last three days, the incline has been significantly upwards, showing a 17.51% increase in weekly trading.

Ethereum price

Litecoin price

Although Litecoin has been featuring as one of the better moving tokens, it is looking at a mild 2.98% increase in trading at the time of writing. Litecoin price is currently at $141.02 from $136.60.

The Bitcoin hardfork, Litecoin, has had a slightly tumultuous week, with mild volatility. Over the past seven days of trading, the token experienced a low of $136.60 compared to a high point of $143.55.

Litecoin price

To the moon?

If the market can continue to grow in a healthy way, then we might yet see a trend similar to the spike in 2017. If this is the case, then Bitcoin price might be on its way up to see unprecedented heights.


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