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Bitcoin continues its upward climb while Ethereum shows signs of red

Bitcoin price has been on a rising trend and has been influencing some – but certainly not all – cryptocurrency tokens.

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The cryptocurrency markets are currently looking like Christmas, not necessarily gift-giving but showing red and green all over. Bitcoin price seems to be ever-increasing, while the rest of the market is mixed.

Taking data from Coin360, we can see the rollercoaster the market is showing.BTC price



Over the past week, Bitcoin price dropped down below the $4000 mark only once and has been supported since. Currently, Bitcoin price is at the highest it has been in the last three months, except for a brief spike on February 24th where it hit $4207. Currently, the leading cryptocurrency is sitting at $4149. If Bitcoin can maintain breaking above the resistance and finding new support; consistently adjusting its price as an increase, we could be looking at healthy growth in the cryptocurrency market overall.

BTC price

Ethereum price, on the other hand, is having a rocky time. The leading altcoin is currently in the red with a 0.16% decrease and is valued at $141.01. The token has gained in both trading volume and price over the past seven days but is currently not enjoying the gains that Bitcoin is.

eth price

Currently, Ripple’s XRP price is following Bitcoin’s upward trend. Unlike Bitcoin, however, XRP has seen significant changes over the week. The token saw a major downward spike, followed by several key upsurges. Currently, XRP is showing a price of $0.313.

xrp price

EOS price is currently showing an increase of 0.44%. The token saw a massive jump in price and trading volume last week Wednesday and has been maintaining its price – with a little volatility – over the past several days. EOS price is currently at $4.17.

EOS price


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