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Bitcoin breaks $5500 and shows no signs of stopping the rise

Bitcoin price has seen yet another increase, taking its steps towards the $6000 mark. In the beginning of the week, the token has risen to break new resistance points.

Early this week, Bitcoin price has managed to crack through both the $5400 and $5500 marks, showing a bullish continuation to the surging market this month. Taking data from, we can see that most of the cryptocurrency market is showing positive green with up to 25% increases in price.Bitcoin Ethereum price

Taking a closer look at Bitcoin price over the month with data from CoinMarketCap, we can pinpoint the initial surge of the token where Bitcoin broke from a range of $4100 to $4600 in less than six hours on April 2nd. Since then, the leading cryptocurrency has broken through resistance barriers all the while finding new support. If Bitcoin carries on this way, we might yet see the $6000 it held steadily for months in 2018 before crashing in November. Currently, Bitcoin is up by 4.71% and is trading $5548.71.

Bitcoin price

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum price has also increased exponentially. The leading altcoin jumped from a range of $141 to $178, before falling to find support around $156. Currently, Ethereum is up in day-on-day trading by 2.69% and is trading for $174.62.

ethereum price

Ripple’s XRP, completely unlike Ethereum, has seen wild volatility over the month with a spiking market cap. As Bitcoin surged in early April, Ripple also jumped from a $0.31 range to $0.36. Shortly after, XRP price fell back to $0.3317 only to rise again within a day back to see $0.367. From there, however, the token has taken a slow trickle downwards with slight breaks up. Currently, XRP is trading for $0.326481; a 0.11% increase in day-on-day trading.

XRP price

If the cryptocurrency market can maintain the slow, steady incline, we might be seeing the healthy growth needed to send the tokens back into very bullish prices. The market sentiment, currently, is on the side of the bulls with cryptocurrency figures such as Anthony Pompliano advocating Bitcoin as a simple investment.

Posted: Apr 23, 2019 Author: Becky Leighton Categories: Bitcoin News