Bullish Bitcoin spikes again to break past $11300

Bitcoin price

Considering charts from Coin360, we can see the flush of green across the big movers, with the exception of Litecoin. The altcoins are showing mixed signs with Tether, Tron, and Cardano seeing positive volumes, while Binance Coin, Stellar, and Monero see dipping values.

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Bitcoin price

Over the past week, Bitcoin has grown from a figure of just above $9000 to smash through to see a value of over $11000. At present, Bitcoin is showing 4.96% in daily trading gains.

Bitcoin price has gained over 26% in seven days, boasting a new high from the last year of $11367.80.

Bitcoin price

Ethereum price

Ethereum over the past week has shot up. Looking at the trading chart over the past seven days, the leading altcoin showed bullish gains at the end of last week, to fall back slightly before recovering again. The token is only showing modest gains in daily trading with a 2.13% increase. However, the difference between the weekly low of $263.14 compared to it’s highest price of $318.57 shows a more aggressive 21.06%.

Ethereum price

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Ripple price

Ripple’s XRP price has been staggered over the past week. Towards the weekend, the price rose to $0.505467, which currently stands as its highest price within the last 7 days.

Despite the somewhat tumultuous ride up, XRP has increased in the past week of trading by 19.3% overall.

Ripple price

The sentiment of the market remains high, which is a major factor in pushing the price up.

As always, the market could move in any direction so trade carefully.

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