Bitcoin hugs the $8000 mark after a mighty recovery on the weekend

Bitcoin price

Using data from, we can see the general mixed state of the cryptocurrency market as it stands.

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Bitcoin price

Despite a dip towards the end of last week, Bitcoin has recovered to hug the $8000 mark. At the time of writing, Bitcoin price is sitting at $7958. This is a 0.34% increase in daily trading. Although it seems to be gaining tentatively, it must still be noted that Bitcoin has seen over $2000 gained in less than two weeks.

Looking at the charts, we can see the movements of the leading cryptocurrency over the past week. Bitcoin started the week with a surge from $7026 to see $8200. On Thursday Bitcoin price took a dive from around $7900 to $7100. From there, it hovered between $7000 and $7450 until Sunday when it saw a bullish return to $8000.

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Bitcoin price

Ethereum price

A week ago, Ethereum was ranging below $190. Over the week, it consistently gained to see $273 on Thursday. This boasts a 43.68% gain from Monday to Thursday. At Bitcoin dipped, Ethereum also dropped slightly to see a low of $230. On Sunday, Ethereum spiked from a value of $235 to $263.

Ethereum price

XRP – Ripple price

In the third position in the cryptocurrency market, Ripple has seen a week of lower volatility compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. This time a week ago, Ripple was sitting at a $0.32 value. On Thursday the token gained to see a price tag of $0.47. Currently, Ripple’s XRP is sitting at $0.399 which is a 1.03% increase in daily trading.

Ripple price

Dash price

At the time of writing, Dash is showing bullish gains of 9.54% to see a $164.81 value. Looking at the charts, we can see that the altcoin is following Bitcoin’s trend as it fell on Thursday to gain again on Sunday.

Dash price

Verge price

Verge has also seen a spike in both trading volume and value. Boasting a 9.41% increase in daily trading price, Verge is looking at a $0.010931 value. Unlike Ethereum and Dash, Verge saw an increase when Bitcoin prices dipped. On Wednesday, the token rallied and maintained a peak until readjusting on Friday.

Verge price

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