Bitcoin Legacy Review 2023: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

  • < 1ms Fast Trade Executions
  • 100% Platform Uptime SLA
  • Market Volatility Management
  • No Social Trading Features
  • Sign Up Process & Getting Started 4.9/5
  • Deposits & Withdrawals 4.6/5
  • Ways To Trade & Assets 4.7/5
  • Security And Regulation 4.5/5
  • Customer Support 4.8/5
With a history of assessing crypto products for Coin Insider, I have meticulously subjected Bitcoin Legacy to comprehensive testing. I confidently assert that it stands as a legitimate trading bot, a declaration I am pleased to endorse for both novice and experienced traders aiming to enhance their trading prowess.

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At its core, Bitcoin Legacy operates as a cryptocurrency trading software, harnessing the power of intelligent technology coupled with machine learning and AI. The software offers an inviting user interface and touts algorithms designed to manage investment risks.

Type:AI Trading Software
Profit Close Rate:85%+
Registration:Free (With Verification)
Verification:Under 10 Minutes
Initial Deposit:EUR 250
Regulatory Body:CySEC (Liquidity)
Withdrawal Time:24 Hours
Automated Trading:Yes
Order Execution Time:Less than 1ms
User Data Encryption:Yes (AES 256-bit)

What Is Bitcoin Legacy?

Bitcoin Legacy is a cryptocurrency trading software that utilises intelligent technology backed by machine learning and AI to assist investors in making profits in the cryptocurrency market. The platform has gained attention and has been subject to scrutiny regarding its legitimacy.

Given the volatile and time-sensitive nature of the cryptocurrency market, it is essential to address concerns about scams and the reliability of Bitcoin Legacy. Research and reviews suggest that Bitcoin Legacy is a legitimate software that can generate a passive income. 

The main incentive for having a Bitcoin Legacy account is to make your trading journey as effortless and efficient as possible. To achieve this, Bitcoin Legacy has been designed with the sole purpose of handling your cryptocurrency trading for you. With its user-friendly interface, Bitcoin Legacy is perfect for beginner traders and experienced traders who do not have time to trade for hours a day.

How We Reviewed Bitcoin Legacy

We adhere to a strict procedure when evaluating the product to make sure we have given our readers the greatest Bitcoin Legacy review.  In order for us to give the most educated review on Bitcoin Legacy, we conduct a series of tests against a set of standards that we’ve developed over the years of testing crypto trading bots. Initially,  we researched Bitcoin Legacy prior to testing, next, we tested Bitcoin Legacy and recorded the findings, we then detailed our Bitcoin Legacy findings in a report. This report and the Bitcoin Legacy review are revisited regularly and updated to ensure you have the most up-to-date information on this trading system.

What We Rated Bitcoin Legacy 

Sign-up process 4.9/5

Registration is required to create a free account with Bitcoin Legacy. The sign-up process involves providing personal information such as name, email address, and phone number. The registration process with Bitcoin Legacy is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for individuals interested in cryptocurrency trading.

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Bitcoin Legacy

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Deposits and withdrawals 4.6/5

Deposits and withdrawals can be made easily and quickly on the Bitcoin Legacy platform, providing users with convenient access to their funds. The platform offers a seamless process for users to deposit funds into their accounts, allowing them to start trading efficiently. It supports multiple payment methods, ensuring flexibility for users. Withdrawals can also be made swiftly, with a turnaround time of up to 24 hours. This enables users to have timely access to their profits and manage their funds effectively.

Available assets and ways to trade 4.7/5

The Bitcoin Legacy platform offers a diverse range of assets and provides various ways for users to engage in cryptocurrency trading activities. Users have access to popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, as well as lesser-known altcoins. The platform also allows users to engage in trading activities through different methods, including spot trading, margin trading, and futures trading. Spot trading involves the immediate purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies at the current market price. These options provide users with flexibility and opportunities to participate in cryptocurrency markets according to their trading preferences and risk tolerance.

Customer service 4.8/5

Customer service is an essential aspect of any trading platform, as it ensures that users can receive assistance and support when needed. Bitcoin Legacy offers online customer support that is available 24/7, allowing users to reach out for help at any time. This constant availability ensures that users can have their queries addressed promptly and efficiently.

Additionally, the platform provides user-friendly features that make it easy for users to navigate and utilise the services effectively. The combination of online customer support and user-friendly features adds to the overall positive trading experience provided by Bitcoin Legacy.

Security and regulation 4.5/5

Ensuring the security and compliance of the platform is of utmost importance for any cryptocurrency trading software. Additionally, Bitcoin Legacy adheres to regulatory guidelines to maintain transparency and legitimacy. The platform implements strict Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures to verify user identities and prevent illicit activities. By maintaining a secure and compliant environment, Bitcoin Legacy aims to instil trust and confidence in its users.

Bitcoin Legacy Pros & Cons

 Licensed CySec Brokers No Social Trading Features
 Fully-Automated Trading Mode Requires Quick Phone Call To Verify Account
 Friendly & Efficient Account Brokers
 No Software License Fee
 Automated Client-to-Broker Pairing
 FINRA-rated Brokers

Is Bitcoin Legacy a Scam or Legit?

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, there are constantly new products on the market and you will be faced with so many options when trying to find a suitable crypto trading robot that meets your needs. All these different trading platforms can be overwhelming and even more daunting to choose which one to put your faith to trade for you. You might be wondering – is Bitcoin Legacy legit or a scam? We can confirm that Bitcoin Legacy is a safe and legit trading platform and a reliable trading robot.

It’s understandable that with the number of scams out there, it can be tricky to know who you can trust and who is a scam. When it comes to Bitcoin Legacy you can be assured that you are in dealing with legitimate trading software. Bitcoin Legacy has partnered with CySEC licensed brokers to help manage your account and help you navigate your way through trading in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Your safety is a big priority, and for this reason, your personal information is protected by an SSL certificate on this trading system. The rest of this Bitcoin Legacy review will touch on other aspects that add to the legitimacy of this product.

Bitcoin Legacy‘s Best Features and Differentiators

User-friendly Interface

Bitcoin Legacy‘s interface is designed to be user-friendly, allowing for easy navigation and optimal trading experience. This user-friendly design is crucial in facilitating smooth and efficient trading activities for investors.

The platform incorporates intuitive features and a simple layout to ensure that users can easily access and utilise the various functionalities offered. The interface provides clear and concise information, enabling users to make informed decisions regarding their trading activities.

Additionally, the platform’s user-friendly interface enhances the overall user experience by minimising the learning curve and reducing the time needed to become familiar with the software. This is particularly beneficial for new users who may have limited experience in cryptocurrency trading.

Place Trades Simultaneously

Simultaneous trade execution is a feature offered by Bitcoin Legacy, enabling users to execute multiple trades at the same time. This feature allows users to efficiently manage their trading activities and take advantage of various market opportunities simultaneously.

By executing multiple trades simultaneously, users can diversify their investment portfolio and potentially increase their chances of generating profits. This feature is particularly beneficial in the cryptocurrency market, which is known for its high volatility and fast-paced nature.

With simultaneous trade execution, users can react quickly to market fluctuations and execute multiple trades in real time. This feature demonstrates the advanced technology and capabilities of Bitcoin Legacy, providing users with a convenient and efficient trading experience.

Emotion-free Trading

Emotion-free trading is a valuable attribute for investors as it enables them to make rational decisions based on market analysis rather than being influenced by subjective emotions. By eliminating emotions such as fear, greed, and panic from the trading process, investors can focus on objective data and analysis to guide their investment strategies.

This approach allows for a more systematic and disciplined approach to trading, reducing the likelihood of impulsive and irrational decisions that can lead to losses. Emotion-free trading also helps investors to stick to their predetermined investment plans and risk management strategies, avoiding the temptation to deviate from their initial objectives based on short-term market fluctuations.

No Licensing Cost

One advantage of the Bitcoin Legacy trading platform is that it does not require any licensing cost for users to access its features and services. This means that individuals can freely utilise the platform without incurring any additional expenses related to licensing fees.

This can be particularly beneficial for users who are looking for a cost-effective solution to engage in cryptocurrency trading. By eliminating the need for licensing costs, Bitcoin Legacy allows users to allocate their funds solely towards their investments, potentially increasing their overall profitability.

Furthermore, this feature may also attract individuals who are new to the cryptocurrency market and are hesitant to invest large sums of money upfront.

High Profitability

Achieving significant profitability is a common outcome for users of the Bitcoin Legacy trading platform. The platform is designed to assist investors in making profits in the cryptocurrency market. Through the utilisation of intelligent technology backed by machine learning and AI, Bitcoin Legacy aims to provide a user-friendly and efficient trading experience.

Despite questions and myths surrounding its legitimacy, the software has implemented algorithms to manage investment risk in the volatile and time-sensitive cryptocurrency market. To begin trading, users are required to register and create a free account, followed by a suggested minimum deposit of £250/€250. The platform also offers a demo trading feature to help users familiarise themselves with the system before engaging in live trading.

In comparison to other platforms, Bitcoin Legacy stands out with its hassle-free registration, multiple payment methods, and positive testimonials. Overall, Bitcoin Legacy provides a range of benefits such as user-friendly features, security measures, 24/7 customer support, and fast withdrawals, making it an attractive option for cryptocurrency trading.

Trade Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Legacy provides users with the opportunity to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and many others. This enables investors to spread their investments across different digital assets and potentially increase their chances of profitability. By offering access to multiple cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Legacy caters to the diverse needs and preferences of traders in the cryptocurrency market.

Furthermore, the inclusion of various cryptocurrencies also reflects the platform’s commitment to staying updated with the latest developments in the cryptocurrency industry. This ensures that users have access to a diverse range of investment opportunities and can adapt to changing market conditions.

SSL Certified

SSL certification is a crucial aspect of ensuring secure and encrypted communication between users and the Bitcoin Legacy platform. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol that establishes a secure connection between a web server and a web browser.

This certification ensures that data transmitted between the user’s browser and the Bitcoin Legacy platform remains private and cannot be intercepted or tampered with by unauthorised parties. SSL certification provides authentication by verifying the identity of the website, protecting against phishing attacks and other forms of online fraud.

It also encrypts data to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive information such as login credentials and financial transactions. By implementing SSL certification, Bitcoin Legacy enhances the security and privacy of its users, instilling confidence in their online interactions with the platform.

Speedy Withdrawals

Speedy withdrawals are an essential feature of the Bitcoin Legacy platform, ensuring that users can access their funds quickly and efficiently. This feature is particularly important in the cryptocurrency market, which is known for its volatility and time sensitivity. By providing fast withdrawals, Bitcoin Legacy enables users to respond promptly to market conditions and capitalise on potential trading opportunities.

The platform’s efficient withdrawal process is designed to minimise any delays or inconveniences that users may face when accessing their funds. This not only enhances user experience but also contributes to the overall trust and reliability of the platform.

Customer Support Department

Efficient and reliable customer support is an essential aspect of any trading platform, ensuring that users have access to assistance and guidance when needed. In the case of Bitcoin Legacy, the platform boasts a dedicated customer support department that operates 24/7 to address user inquiries and concerns.

The customer support team is well-trained and knowledgeable about the platform’s features, functionalities, and trading processes. They provide prompt and accurate responses to user queries, offering guidance and assistance in navigating the platform effectively.

Additionally, the customer support department is accessible through multiple channels, including email, live chat, and phone support, ensuring that users can choose their preferred method of communication. This commitment to efficient and reliable customer support enhances user experience and instil confidence in the platform’s legitimacy and trustworthiness.

Demo trading feature

The demo trading feature provides users with a risk-free environment to practise and familiarise themselves with the platform’s functionalities and trading processes. It allows users to simulate real trading scenarios without using real money.

This feature is beneficial for beginners who are new to trading and want to gain experience and confidence before engaging in live trading. Users can test different trading strategies, analyse market trends, and understand how the platform works without any financial risk.

The demo trading feature also enables users to learn how to use various tools and indicators available on the platform. By using this feature, users can make informed decisions and develop their trading skills before transitioning to live trading.

Register With Bitcoin Legacy

The account setup process for Bitcoin Legacy was seamless and fast.  Below is a step-by-step guide to creating your personal Bitcoin Legacy account. We’ve managed to team up with Bitcoin Legacy so you can register your interest directly from Coin Insider to get access to your demo account. I was impressed by how effortless and user-friendly the account setup process was. The platform provided clear instructions and guided me through each step, ensuring a smooth registration process. It only took about 20 minutes of my time. 

1. Registration Form

First, you’ll need to visit the Bitcoin Legacy website and fill in a registration form with your basic information. It is important to make sure you fill in the correct info as there is a verification process in place for your safety.

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Bitcoin Legacy

Register your Bitcoin Legacy account through Coin Insider and receive a FREE Personal Account Manager to walk you through your account setup process.

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2. Initial Deposit

Next, you will need to make a deposit. You will need to make a minimum deposit of 250 Euros to get your account started and running. Remember, this minimum deposit will also act as your capital and will be used to make your first trades with Bitcoin Legacy.

3. Demo and Live Trading

Once you have made your minimum deposit, You will be provided with a demo account to get the hang of trading and how the product works. Once you are familiar with the demo account and you feel ready, you can move on to auto-trading with the trading bot and start gaining some profits.

Tips for Making the Most of Bitcoin Legacy

Utilise Your Account Broker

Utilising the account broker assigned to each user facilitates the setup process and provides guidance throughout their Bitcoin Legacy experience. The personal broker acts as a point of contact for users, assisting them in navigating the platform and ensuring a smooth onboarding process.

This guidance is particularly valuable for new users who may be unfamiliar with cryptocurrency trading or the specific features of the Bitcoin Legacy platform. The account broker can answer questions, provide clarification on trading strategies, and offer advice on setting trading limits and managing risk.

Invest The Minimum At First

Investing the minimum amount initially allows users to test the waters and get a feel for the cryptocurrency market before committing larger sums of money. This approach is particularly beneficial in the context of the volatile and unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency market.

By starting with a small investment, users can assess the performance of their chosen cryptocurrency and evaluate the effectiveness of their trading strategies. This initial testing phase allows users to gain valuable experience and develop a better understanding of the market dynamics without incurring significant financial risks.

Furthermore, investing the minimum amount provides an opportunity to gauge the reliability and functionality of the trading platform being used. It is a prudent approach to mitigate potential losses and make informed decisions when considering larger investments in the cryptocurrency market.

Withdraw Your Profits Regularly

Withdrawing profits regularly from the trading platform is a recommended practice to safeguard and capitalise on the gains made in the cryptocurrency market. By withdrawing profits, investors can reduce their exposure to potential market fluctuations and protect their earnings.

Additionally, regularly withdrawing profits allows investors to reinvest the funds in other profitable ventures or diversify their investment portfolio. This practice also helps to ensure that investors do not become overly reliant on the trading platform and have access to their funds when needed.

It is important for investors to establish a disciplined approach to withdrawing profits, setting specific targets or thresholds for withdrawal based on their individual financial goals and risk tolerance. By implementing this strategy, investors can effectively manage their cryptocurrency investments and optimise their overall returns.

Spend 20 Minutes On Your Account Daily

Engaging in regular account maintenance for a set period of 20 minutes each day can help users effectively monitor and manage their trading activities on the platform. This daily practice allows users to stay updated on market trends, analyse their trading performance, and make informed decisions regarding their investments.

By dedicating a specific time each day to account maintenance, users can review their portfolio, check for any pending trades or transactions, and adjust their trading strategies accordingly. This proactive approach fosters a sense of control and organisation, which is crucial in the fast-paced and volatile cryptocurrency market.

Invest Responsibly

To ensure prudent financial decision-making, it is important for individuals to carefully consider their risk tolerance and financial goals before making any commitments in the cryptocurrency market.

The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility and unpredictability, which can lead to significant financial losses if not approached with caution.

By assessing one’s risk tolerance, individuals can determine the level of risk they are comfortable with and make informed decisions regarding their investments.

Additionally, establishing clear financial goals can help individuals stay focused and avoid impulsive decisions that may not align with their long-term objectives.

Keep Track Of Your Transactions

Monitoring and documenting all financial transactions is crucial for individuals who participate in the cryptocurrency market. As a decentralised digital currency, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin operate on a blockchain network, which records every transaction made. This transparency and immutability of the blockchain make it essential for users to keep track of their transactions.

By monitoring and documenting their financial activities, individuals can ensure the accuracy of their records, track their profits and losses, and comply with any regulatory or tax obligations. Additionally, maintaining a comprehensive record of transactions can provide individuals with a clear overview of their financial activities, enabling them to make informed decisions and mitigate any potential risks or fraudulent activities within the cryptocurrency market.

Therefore, it is imperative for cryptocurrency market participants to prioritise the monitoring and documentation of their financial transactions.

How Crypto and Bitcoin Legacy Have Evolved

VersionRelease DateNotes
1.0 Launch18/06/2018Pilot Launch of Bitcoin Legacy
1.423/04/2019CFD, Leverage and Margin trading introduction
1.7.503/09/2019Open Registration. CySEC Licensing acquired
2.119/01/2020Inclusion of AI and API access for traders
2.512/07/2020First Crypto/Crypto trading pairs introduced
3.0 Beta24/09/2020Beta Programme
4.130/01/2021Demo account feature introduced. Fiat onboarding added – Visa, MasterCard
4.8.219/02/2021Forex and Stocks added
5.2.503/05/202124/7 Customer Care Department Opened
5.7.317/11/2021Further addition of trading pairs including USDT pairs

Having actively tested Bitcoin Legacy, I’ve been witness to its remarkable evolution through key versions. The initial launch, version 1.0 on 18/06/2018, marked the exciting Pilot Launch, setting the stage for its growth. Version 1.4 on 23/04/2019 introduced a pivotal feature – CFD, Leverage, and Margin trading – diversifying trading strategies. Subsequently, version 1.7.5 on 03/09/2019 ushered in a broader audience through Open Registration and a significant milestone of CySEC Licensing acquisition. Version 2.1 on 19/01/2020 elevated the platform by enabling AI and API access for traders, enhancing trading sophistication. The introduction of the first Crypto/Crypto trading pairs was a standout in version 2.5 on 12/07/2020, bolstering trading opportunities. Version 3.0 Beta on 24/09/2020, known as the Beta Programme, showcased a refined user experience. Version 4.1 on 30/01/2021 marked the introduction of Demo accounts and convenient fiat onboarding, empowering users through Visa and MasterCard. Version 4.8.2 on 19/02/2021 presented a major enhancement – the inclusion of Forex and Stocks, broadening the asset spectrum. The establishment of a 24/7 Customer Care Department in version 5.2.5 on 03/05/2021 emphasised user support. Lastly, version 5.7.3 on 17/11/2021 expanded trading opportunities with the addition of further trading pairs, notably featuring USDT pairs.

Celebrities Investing in Cryptocurrencies

The Amazon originator, Jeff Bezos, has alluded to the concept of integrating crypto payments within the Amazon domain; nonetheless, he does not back Bitcoin Legacy. Equally, even though Elon Musk garners attention in crypto-related news, he has no association with Bitcoin Legacy. Both of them, however, are popular celebrities in the crypto industry

Alternatives To Bitcoin Legacy

Having substantial expertise in reviewing and testing various platforms, Coin Insider has rigorously examined Bitcoin Legacy, and we are pleased to declare that it has exceeded our expectations on numerous fronts.

A distinctive highlight of Bitcoin Legacy is its 24/7 customer support department, which renders it an outstanding choice for novice traders who might require assistance at any point during their cryptocurrency trading journey. Furthermore, Bitcoin Legacy offers traders the flexibility to engage in transactions involving a wide array of cryptocurrencies, encompassing both popular and lesser-known coins.

As previously explained, Bitcoin Legacy boasts an impressive array of features tailored to enhance your trading experience by maximising efficiency and convenience. If you still find yourself uncertain about opting for Bitcoin Legacy as your preferred tool, we can suggest several other trading platforms such as Tesler Trading, Limmercoin, and Bitsoft 360.

Conclusion on Bitcoin Legacy

In conclusion, Bitcoin Legacy appears to be a legitimate trading platform that utilises intelligent technology to help investors navigate the volatile cryptocurrency market.

While there are concerns and myths surrounding its legitimacy, the platform offers user-friendly features, a secure verification process, and 24/7 customer support.

It is important, however, to not invest all money in Bitcoin Legacy and to consider alternative crypto trading platforms.

Overall, Bitcoin Legacy provides a convenient and efficient way to engage in cryptocurrency trading, but caution and research are always advised.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bitcoin Legacy

What is Bitcoin Legacy & How Does It Work?

Bitcoin Legacy has a unique artificial intelligence algorithm ingeniously determines when certain markets are about to experience a rapid rise in volatility due to upcoming news or announcements that will affect their value -allowing you profit from short-term fluctuations that conventional strategies would miss.

How Much Profit Can I Make With Bitcoin Legacy?

Bitcoin Legacy has an 85%+ profit success rate. Your earnings will depend on your capital and leverage. This is a very fast-paced market that also carries considerable risk for newcomers so it's important you have enough money to take sensible positions without jeopardizing yourself financially by getting over-leveraged.

Is Bitcoin Legacy Free To Use?

Yes. There are no license fees or charges to open a trading account with Bitcoin Legacy.

Bitcoin Legacy App - Is One Available?

No, there is no Bitcoin Legacy app available. However, Bitcoin Legacy is accesible via the web on any browser-compatible device.

Where Is Bitcoin Legacy Available?

Bitcoin Legacy is widely accessible! The United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AUS), and Canada (CA) as well as Europe (Austria (AT) / Germany (DE) / Switzerland (CH) / Holland (NL) / Poland (PL) / Belgium (BE) / Spain (ES), South & Central America (BR, PE, MX) and Africa (ZA) are included. If your nation is not mentioned here, you may still register on this webpage for Bitcoin Legacy in your own country.

Does Elon Musk Or Any Corporations (Like Telsa) Use Bitcoin Legacy?

Elon Musk is one of the most famous people in America for his work on Tesla. Both Elon, Tesla and other corporations use cryptocurrencies, but not via Bitcoin Legacy. Many think they endorse crypto because they're more profitable than traditional assets. Elon has said many times publicly what others are thinking abot the potential of crypto and bitcoin too - namely Twitter where you can follow him at @elonmusk

Do Any Celebrities Endorse Bitcoin Legacy?

Bill Gates, Richard Branson, members of Dragon's Den (such as Deborah Meadon), and all other celebrities do not support Bitcoin Legacy. There is some possibility, however, that they may hold cryptocurrencies as a form of wealth development.

What Is Bitcoin Legacy?

Using advanced mathematical algorithms, Bitcoin Legacy is a completely automated trading bot designed to analyse the crypto market, offering support to both beginners and proficient traders to enhance their crypto trading experience.

Who Owns Bitcoin Legacy?

Fashioned by experienced traders and mathematical scholars, Bitcoin Legacy underscores their acumen. Despite the definite ownership of this trading bot remaining undisclosed, its widespread online evaluations substantiate its trustworthiness.

Is Bitcoin Legacy A Scam?

Make no mistake, Bitcoin Legacy is absolutely legitimate. Our extensive testing, rooted in a tried and proven methodology, verifies this fact. Our methodology encompasses evaluating deposit and withdrawal processes, registration and KYC procedures, and the responsiveness of customer support.

Is Bitcoin Legacy Fake?

Absolutely not, Bitcoin Legacy is not counterfeit; it is a legit trading platform. We've conducted extensive testing on the bot utilising our well-established approach. Our testing procedure encompasses experimenting with deposit and withdrawal procedures, undergoing registration and KYC verifications, and evaluating the efficiency of customer support.

Is Bitcoin Legacy Legit?

Yes, Bitcoin Legacy serves as a legitimate crypto trading aid. Our thorough testing approach has rigorously examined all components of Bitcoin Legacy, ranging from the registration process and payment methods to features and security measures. This thorough evaluation confirms its authenticity as a trading tool.