Bitcoin-friendly El Salvador eliminates tech development tax

El Salvador has sliced all taxes on innovative technologies. The decision by the government of the crypto-friendly country comes at the same time as establishing a Bitcoin-specific office.

Bitcoin was established as legal tender in El Salvador in September of 2021, with President Nayib Bukele viewing cryptocurrency as a way to counter hyperinflation. To remove dependence on the US dollar and resolve issues of inflation, Bukele signed Bitcoin in as legal currency in the country and the government has been working to implement Bitcoin into investment and national finance. Part of this includes establishing a governmental office for the cryptocurrency. As a result, the government created the “Bitcoin Office”, or the National Bitcoin Office (ONBTC).


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Bukele’s strategy with Bitcoin stands to resolve financial issues in the country and to establish El Salvador as a global hub to help promote innovation and tourism through digital currency adoption.

El Salvador as a Bitcoin friendly country

In addition to the office and Bitcoin as legal tender, Bukele and the government has eliminated taxes on technological development. This bill was put into place at the beginning of April. In the legislation all income, property and capital gains taxes on tech innovations and developments are cut. This includes “software programming, coding, apps and AI development, as well as computing and communications hardware manufacturing.”

Bukele announced the law’s introduction at the end of March, with a confirmation of the law’s implementation on the last day of March.


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