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Bitcoin faced with red; focus on building for a bullish tomorrow

Although the markets are in a bad way, advocates are offering optimism saying that now is the best time to focus on building companies now to succeed in working well when the markets turn bullish.

As it stands, the cryptocurrency market seems to be starting the week in the red with a moderate dip after what seemed to be a slight recovery.

After the plummet midway through November, Bitcoin saw a low of $3587 USD on the 25th of November. At present, the token is taking a little rollercoaster around the $4000 USD zone with slight inclines and declines showing no major action either way.

At present, the market is flooded with red with patches of greens coming from several altcoins. Mithril, a token based on Ethereum’s platform, is boasting the highest day-on-day trading increase sitting 35.5% higher in value. It seems, however, that unless the big influencers, such as Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum, move steadily upwards, the market is unlikely to pick itself off the ground.

Although the red is not a welcome site for traders and investors, business owners in the industry seem optimistic about the aggressive bear market. Vinny Lingham, the CEO of cryptocurrency company Civic Key, has said that this is the best state in which to start building for a time when the bull market kicks in.

CNBC’s Cryptotrader Ran Neuner has expressed the same opinion too, saying that a business should aim to “[b]uild and test things in a bear market, if they work you can be certain of success in the bull market.”

Posted: Dec 03, 2018 Author: Becky Categories: Bitcoin News