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Bitcoin explodes and gains 16.8% in weekly trading value

Over the past seven days, Bitcoin price has increased by 16.8%, resulting in a green market with spikes in rising prices.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

Following a recent spike in Bitcoin price, the rest of the market is rallying with major tokens showing flashes of green.

The top moving top-twenty token is NEO, which has seen a 10.35% surge in trading price. Following that, the leading tokens are all on the rise. Using data taken from, we can see the healthy growth of cryptocurrencies across the board.


Bitcoin price

Over the past seven days, Bitcoin price has taken a rollercoaster ride, seeing a low value of 7,583.22 and spiking upwards to hit $8,859.13. This is a 16.8% increase in its value from dipped to peak over the week. Although this might not be the $9000 mark again, the token is still on the rise and could break through the 52-week high it saw at $9,008.3.

Bitcoin right now is up in day-on-day trading with a healthy 4.47%.



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Ethereum price

Over the past seven days, Ethereum price experienced its lowest value at $229.26. It has since gained a 15.56% to boast a $271.51 figure. 

Within the past 24 hours, the leading altcoin has increased its trading value by 4.61% and is currently sitting with a $269.62 price tag.


Litecoin price

With the exception of the end of the week, Litecoin has been consistently on the rise, holding moderate gains despite any other downturns in the market. Currently, the altcoin is boasting a 7.43% increase in daily trading values, taking the token up to $138.30.


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