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A positive week for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin after a surge on Sunday

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have been holding a positive week since the tokens saw a price spike over the weekend. In this, we explore.

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Taking data from Coin360, we can see that the cryptocurrency markets are holding green after a positive beginning to the week. In this, we’ll briefly explore the token’s movements over the past seven days.


Charts from CoinMarketCap show that Bitcoin price broke through the $4000 on Sunday and has been holding the support since, with gradual increments over the past five days. If the token can maintain this, and continue to slowly increase and find new support, then a healthy future is in store.

BTC priceLooking at the charts over the week of Ethereum, the leading altcoin also saw a spike in price over the weekend. After spiking to around $143, Ethereum price has settled to hover around the $140 mark with few dips and increases in either direction.

Eth price

Ripple’s XRP has been showing more volatility than Bitcoin and Ethereum over the past week. The token has seen spiking trends over the past week; coupled with the increase over the weekend.

XRP price

Unlike Ripple, Litecoin has been steady in its movements and has been hovering around the $60 mark since Sunday. Although the Litecoin price increase following the trend of Bitcoin, it has been slightly dramatic than the leading cryptocurrency token.

LTC price

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