Bitcoin maintains healthy green and EOS is in the same range as before the crash

The cryptocurrency market is showing a delightful shade of green a week after Bitcoin price spiked. Looking at the chart from Coin360, we are seeing the consistent positivity across the market.

BTC ETH price

Bitcoin price seems to be maintaining a steady and slow positive increase. Following the cryptocurrency market’s crash in November, Bitcoin faced a low of $3,191.30 in December. For months, the token struggled to rally above the $4000 mark. Within a week, however, it has gained value to break not only the $4000 resistance but rocket through to break $5000. Since last week Friday, Bitcoin price has managed to maintain over $5000 and continue to gain slowly to $5100 and $5200.

bitcoin price


In December last year, Ethereum price was sitting at a low of $82.83. Now, Ethereum has almost doubled that price and is currently boasting a figure of over $180.30. At the time of writing, Ethereum has increased by 2.3% in day-on-day trading. Over the past week, the leading altcoin has gained from its price of $155.24. The trajectory of the coin seems to be inclining slowly but steadily.

Eth price

Currently, EOS price is facing a bold flash of green with a near 7% increase in day-on-day trading. The altcoin, which came to life in 2017, dropped to see a low of $1.56  in December. Now, the price is hovering to hold a value of above $5.80. At present, EOS is the highest gaining cryptocurrency in the top ten rankings and is showing prices similar to before the crash.

EOS price

If the market can maintain this positive trend, we might see prices that are the same – if not more – as the steady values we saw in November across the board.

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