Bitcoin Equaliser Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Can you actually make money with Bitcoin Equaliser? Find out in our detailed analysis of the trading system.

What is Bitcoin Equaliser? 

Our team has taken the liberty to thoroughly test and analyse all the features of the Bitcoin Equaliser trading system. Bitcoin Equaliser is a trading system that makes it easy for first-time investors to trade on the cryptocurrency market.The trading system was created by a team of software engineers and cryptocurrency traders. Basically, this trading system operates on an algorithm that is created to scan through signals from cryptocurrency currency markets to find the most profitable trades for you. You may be wondering whether this algorithm can be trusted, from our experience, it can. In fact, the algorithm eliminates the human-error factor. 

Is Bitcoin Equaliser a Money-making Scam?

Our team found that Bitcoin Equaliser is a credible trading application that does have the ability to provide you with profitable trading opportunities. Like any technology or investment, there are risks, but we can assure you that trading with Bitcoin Equaliser will minimize your risk of making huge losses. Our team also found many positive user-testimonials of other first-time investors who have experienced the trading platform and are claiming to have made profits. Bitcoin Equaliser also has dedicated account managers who guide you through your trades and the trading system makes use of regulated brokers who make sure you funds are not mismanaged. We were impressed with the overall transparency of this trading system. The worst thing any first-time investor can experience is being a victim to fraud or scams. Bitcoin Equaliser’s transparent trading system should put any first-time investor at ease. 

How to Start Your Trading with Bitcoin Equaliser

Our team found the registration process a breeze. This was a huge plus, since other trading platforms often require a long list of documentation before verifying your account. 

We’ll take you through the steps of setting up your account: 

Step 1 : Registration

To complete the registration process, all you need to do is complete the form below with your basic information. After completion, a dedicated account manager will contact you:

Register Now

Bitcoin Equaliser

Register your Bitcoin Equaliser account through Coin Insider and receive a FREE Personal Account Manager to walk you through your account setup process.

Step 2: Make a deposit

Bitcoin Equaliser does require that you make an initial investment of €250 before live trading can begin. The good news is that this deposit acts as your very first investment. Other similar trading systems may require a registration fee and deposit, with Bitcoin Equaliser there is no registration fee required, only a deposit. 

Step 3: Demo trading

The demo trading feature makes Bitcoin Equaliser stand out from its competitors. Our team tested this feature and we were quite impressed by it. The demo trading feature is basically a practice round before any live trading begins. It is an optional feature, but we do recommend that you use this feature before going live. It is free and the great news is you don’t have to use real money to demo trade. 

Step 4: Start live trading 

Once you are comfortable around the trading system you can begin live trading. An account manager will be able to assist you setting your trading parameters, for example, activating the stop-loss feature, which protects you against losses. After your trading parameters are set you may begin live trading and watch the algorithm work on your behalf. 

*Important information: Although Bitcoin Equaliser is able to work on your behalf, we do encourage every first-time investor to spend at least 20-30 minutes on their account daily. Not only will this provide you with more information around the cryptocurrency market, but you get to see how the algorithm makes decisions and you’re up to date with what’s happening on your account daily. 

Pros and Cons of Using Bitcoin Equaliser

Our team created a list of Pros and Cons of the Bitcoin Equaliser trading system. It is always valuable to weigh-up the odds, especially when it comes to matters of finance. We want to make sure that our readers are making an informed investment decision.

Pros  Cons
✔️ The trading system offers you the possibility to generate high returns. ❌ All automated trading platforms carry risks.
✔️ You can trade with little to know formal trading experience. ❌ All traders will need to spend at least 30-minutes in their accounts daily.
✔️ You can withdraw your profits as you earn them.
✔️ 24-hour customer service is available to you.
✔️ Demo-trading is absolutely free and so is registration.

What Can You Expect on the Live Trading Dashboard?

Our team found that Bitcoin Equaliser provides an easy-to-understand live trading dashboard. All you need to do to start trading is hit the live trading button. Your account manager will assist you in changing the risk settings so that you are comfortable. It is important that first-time traders study the dashboard thoroughly and understand the functions and how it works. 

Key Features of Bitcoin Equaliser

Our team found some key features that makes Bitcoin Equaliser stand out from its competitors. We’ve detailed them below: 

  • Fast Withdrawals

Our team found that Bitcoin Equaliser has a very efficient withdrawal system. There are no withdrawal fees or limits. Once you complete the withdrawal request form, it takes around 24hours for your funds to reflect in the bank account you provided. 

  • Excellent Customer Support 

We were thoroughly impressed by Bitcoin Equaliser customer support department. Customer support can be reached via live chat, email or phone call. We do recommend that you rather make use of the live chat feature instead of email, because correspondence can take up to 48hours. 

  • Cybersafety

Our team found that Bitcoin Equaliser is safe to use. Your data is protected by an SSL certificate. This means that the website is encrypted and that there is a data protection policy in place. 

  • Demo-trading 

The demo-trading feature is one of the most significant features of Bitcoin Equaliser. It allows you to practice trade, before going live. The great thing is that you don’t need any funds to demo-trade. Although demo-trading is optional, we recommend that all users make use of this feature.

  • Multiple payment methods

For your convenience, Bitcoin Equaliser has various payment methods. This is to ensure that anyone, from  any part of the world, is able to deposit and start trading. 

What is the Best Way to use Bitcoin Equaliser? 

Once you have registered, we recommend you start trading on the demo account first. It will help you to gain valuable insights into the service, while learning how to use different features. You can also use the demo-trading feature to test your trading strategies and see how they are working out. It is of great importance to us that first-time investors do their homework regarding cryptocurrency and read as much as possible around new strategies. Always define your stop loss limit and withdraw your earnings. This is good risk management practice. Your account manager will be able to assist you in defining your trading parameters. 

Five Ways You Can Maximise Your Success with Bitcoin Equaliser 

Although our team has found Bitcoin Equaliser to be highly efficient, we want our readers to be wary of the fact that nothing can be successful 100% of the time. The earnings you make on Bitcoin Equaliser depends on how much you invest and the trading parameters you set. There are always risks when it comes to the cryptocurrency market. This is why we found it necessary to do a learn risk assessment and management, to make sure first-time investors are not putting their financial well-being at risk. 

Invest an Amount that Won’t Break You

It is always wise to invest from your disposable income. This goes for any investment you are interested in. Some financial advisors may advise you to find a ceiling where the potential loss of your investment won’t disadvantage you. For some it may be €500 and for others, it might be €5000. As intelligent as this trading application may be, there will be days when your trades will be unsuccessful and you need to treat every trade like that, which brings us to the next point.

Start with the Minimum Deposit 

Bitcoin Equaliser requires a €250 deposit to start trading on the application. Instead of trying to go  big, we recommend that you start small and only invest what is required of you. Once you have tested the waters, you can deposit more. Never go all in, instead spread your investments into smaller or more frequent trades. This will minimize your risk. 

Keep Some of the Earnings to Yourself

Once you start making profits, harvest your earnings instead of investing all of the profit back into the trading application or tripling your investment. This is considered to be a bad trading strategy. With short term trading, you have to be very careful at every step. This is why it is important that you keep some percentage of the profits to yourself. This will also allow you to grow your wealth over time, instead of taking the risk to lose everything. 

Keep Track of Your Financials

Many first-time investors are scared off, thinking that they need an accountant too, when deciding to trade on the cryptocurrency market. This is not the case. You can document your transactions yourself, since the Bitcoin Equaliser trading application will track all your transactions and trading history. This way you can keep track of your own money. 

Learn to Trade from the Experts

One of the ways to get better at trading is to keep your eyes on what the experts are doing. Although Bitcoin Equaliser will do most of the heavy lifting, you still need to set your trading parameters. By learning from successful experts, you will be able to use multiple strategies and grow your trading techniques for future investments.

Our Conclusion:

Our team found that Bitcoin Equaliser is highly efficient and transparent. We can confirm that this trading application is ahead of its competitors and has the ability to provide you with many profitable opportunities. It is not unrealistic to yield huge profits with this trading application. We do recommend that all first-time traders do their homework first, take our advice and find what works for them while trading on this application.  Having a dedicated account manager is a big plus for Bitcoin Equaliser. It also means you will have guidance, every step of the way. 


  • Can I trust Bitcoin Equaliser?

According to various reports and reviews, Bitcoin Equaliser is legit and not a scam. Many investors have left reviews where they have received or generated a profit after investing.

  • Will I make money with Bitcoin Equaliser?

There are many investors who claim to be making €1k+ per day with Bitcoin Equaliser. This may vary depending on the investment you make initially.

  • Can I withdraw the Bitcoin on my Bitcoin Equaliser account?

Unfortunately not. You won’t really acquire the Bitcoin, it will be used Bitcoin available in the market by the broker of your choice.

  • Should I invest with Bitcoin Equaliser?

Bitcoin is a very volatile asset and many people have claimed that it has made them millionaires overnight. Bitcoin Equaliser is a good idea to start for beginners.

  • Does the Bitcoin Equaliser have a high success rate?

According to sources it does. An estimated success rate of over 88% is predicted.

  • Have celebrities endorsed the Bitcoin Equaliser?

Many celebrities have shared their positive opinions around Bitcoin Equaliser but none have openly endorsed it.

  • Why are there so many products similar to the Bitcoin Equaliser and do they all offer the same benefits?

The cryptocurrency market is broad and there are many other tools that now exist as a result of Bitcoin Equaliser, this does not necessarily mean that these tools are better. Be alert for scammers using these tools and stealing your funds.

  • Is it mandatory to have Bitcoin savings before using the Bitcoin Equaliser?

No. You do not need any Bitcoin savings to use the Bitcoin Equaliser software. The tool was created to enable people to make profits without needing to buy and save the cryptocurrency.

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