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Should we just relax and wait for a glorious spring?

In the middle of a market meltdown, should we simply relax and HODL for greener, brighter days? According to cryptofigures, spring is on its way.

On Sunday it seemed as though there might be some signs of stable recovery for Bitcoin – and subsequently other cryptocurrencies – but this was followed by another sharp downward spike in the price. At present, the cryptocurrency is facing a shocking 16.63% in day-on-day trading and is trading for some $4472 USD. Both Ripple and Ethereum are facing red figures too with 10.49% and 15.85% declines in day-on-day respectively.

Things seem dire – rightly so – the market is in the worst state it has been in over a year and the community is riddled with uncertainty as to where the bottom of the token might be. According to the eccentric John McAfee, we should simply wait for the bear to stop its aggressive decline before the “glorious spring” bull takes over.

Although somewhat salty in his approach, McAfee isn’t the only one to share a dash of optimism on the matter. BTCChina co-founder Bobby Lee is advocating that selling during the panicked market is a big mistake when it comes to Bitcoin investment.