Bitcoin Circuit Review: Is it a scam or legit?

Can people really make up to €1500 daily from Bitcoin Circuit? Read our expert review as we go through the trading software to see if it’s a scam or legit.

What is Bitcoin Circuit?

The Bitcoin Circuit technology was designed users with little to no trading experience. The technology uses an algorithm to analyse the cryptocurrency market’s buying and selling trends in order to make profitable trades. It is not necessary to be technically inclined to use the Bitcoin Circuit, but it is advantageous to do proper research around the technology and the world of cryptocurrency. 

Is Bitcoin Circuit Legit or a Scam?

Bitcoin Circuit is a legitimate technology, however, it is important to note that it is only a trading tool, best used by people who have knowledge on the cryptocurrency market and how it works. The trading platform allows you to  trade using a demo account before trading with real money, the trading platform gives you trading signals and you are only required to deposit a minimum deposit of €250 which you will use when you are ready to trade on the live account.

Four Steps to Opening Your Bitcoin Circuit Account

Step 1:  Complete registration

To register create a free account via the form below. After successful registration you will be assigned a personal broker to walk you through the set up process:

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Bitcoin Circuit

Register your Bitcoin Circuit account through Coin Insider and receive a FREE Personal Account Manager to walk you through your account setup process.

Step 2: Demo account

The demo trading feature on Bitcoin Circuit is aimed at testing the technology. The user can explore how the technology works without using real money. Users should first attempt demo trading before live trading to gain the necessary experience.

Step 3: Invest in your account

The Bitcoin Circuit technology requires the investor who opened an account to make a deposit no less than €250. This sum is seen as an investment. Bitcoin Circuit accepts a variety of payment methods to accommodate investors all around the world. 

Step 4: Live Trade

Once the deposit is paid, live trading can commence. This technology can be used manually and automatically. It is advised that customers track their accounts for more than 20 minutes a day.

How Bitcoin Circuit Works

bitcoin circuit

There have been many claims that users are making huge sums of money on a daily basis using Bitcoin Circuit. 

Here’s how the technology works: 

  • The technology runs with an automated trading system, which performs trades on behalf of the user, after analysing the cryptocurrency market. 
  • Once a good deal is detected, the technology completes the trade by using the money that has been deposited into the account. 
  • The cryptocurrency market is competitive and volatile. It is important to note that all trades won’t always yield high profits. Luckily, Bitcoin Circuit is praised for efficiency and effectiveness.

What makes Bitcoin Circuit a Successful Online Trading App?

  • Bitcoin Circuit works with precision

The Bitcoin Circuit technology is praised for its accuracy. It is claimed that new users can expect anywhere between 99.4% and 100% accuracy on most of their live trades. Users can rest assured that they will always be taking part in the best trades. 

  • Bitcoin Circuit uses cutting edge technology

It is reported that the technology behind Bitcoin Circuit is 0.01 seconds faster than any other technology found on the market to trade cryptocurrency. This means you have the 0.01-second advantage on the volatile cryptocurrency market, where perfect timing and accuracy is everything. 

Top Three Trading Tips for Beginners with Bitcoin Circuit

  • Deposit your disposable income

To avoid huge monetary losses, we would recommend that users deposit their disposable income instead of savings. Depositing the minimum amount of €250 is more than enough to start trading successfully

  • Study market trends

Users have the benefit of doing their research before starting to invest and the Bitcoin Circuit demo trading account feature is perfect to do this. Users will make better investment decisions by understanding current trends in the cryptocurrency market. 

  • Invest wisely 

It is important that users know what they are investing in. Depositing the minimum amount required is a smart decision. Users can always reinvest on a later stage. 

Has Bitcoin Circuit been featured in the Media?

There have been many claims online that Bitcoin Circuit has been featured on mainstream media and endorsed by celebrities. At this stage, we can confirm that these claims are false. There is no legitimate proof that Bitcoin Circuit has been broadcasted on television. 

Has Bitcoin Circuit featured on Dragons Den?

Dragons Den is a famous British show where aspiring business people are given three minutes to pitch their business idea to a panel of successful billionaire business people in the hope of getting investment to launch and take their business idea to the next phase. Any product associated with this show would gain overnight success. We have not found any link between Bitcoin Circuit and Dragons Den.

Has Bitcoin Circuit been featured on Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is an American investment show similar to Dragons Den. Entrepreneurs are given a few minutes to pitch their idea to a panel of millionaires in the hopes that these millionaires will invest money in their idea. If Bitcoin Circuit had the support of Shark Tank then its safe to say that it would be all over the news.

Has Bitcoin Circuit featured on This Morning?

This morning is a British daytime television programme on ITV that has been active since 1988. The show is a mix of celebrity interviews, show business news, topical discussion, competitions, health etc. If Bitcoin Circuit were to be featured on this show, millions of British people would be reached, and social media and news would be flooded with news, questions and hashtags about Bitcoin Circuit on This Morning.

Has Bitcoin Circuit been Endorsed by Celebrities

There have been claims that Bitcoin Circuit has been endorsed by international celebrities. We decided to investigate the claims where a celebrity has been linked to Bitcoin Circuit or any other cryptocurrency technology: 

Has Gina Rinehart invested in Bitcoin? 

Gina Rinehart is an Australian mining magnate. She is the chairman of Hancock Prospecting, a privately-owned mineral and exploration and extraction company founded by her Father, Lang Hancock. She is one of Australia’s richest people. There have been rumours that Gina has invested some of her money into cryptocurrency trading. However, these rumours are not true. 

Has Richard Branson Endorsed Bitcoin Circuit? 

Richard Branson is a renowned British businessman, investor, author and former philanthropist. He is also the founder of the Virgin Group, which controls more than 400 companies in various fields. There has been rumours that Branson has openly endorsed Bitcoin Circuit, however, these are just rumours. What we do know is that Branson is particularly curious about cryptocurrency. Here is a quote from Richard Branson: 

“Virgin Galactic is a bold entrepreneurial technology. It’s driving a revolution and Bitcoin is doing just the same when it comes to inventing a new currency.”

Michael Cain and Bitcoin Circuit?

Michael Cain is a British actor, producer and author who has appeared in more than 140 films in his career spanning over 60 years. There have been claims that Michael Cain invested in Bitcoin Circuit, however, we can confirm that these claims are false. There is no connection between Michael Cain and any cryptocurrency. 

Celebrities involved with crypto projects

Celebrity Crypto Projects
Richard Branson Richard Branson reportedly has $30 million invested in BitPay.
Mel B announced that she was going to accept Bitcoin payments for her new single.
Ashton Kutcher Ashton Kutcher has been an advocate for Bitcoin and he invested in a sports betting blockchain, Unikrn
William Shatner Involved with Solar Alliance, a Vancouver-based company which operates a solar-powered bitcoin mining farm
Mike Tyson Tyson launched his own line of bitcoin ATMs in Las Vegas in 2015.
50 cent Sold an album for the cryptocyrrency titled: holding it and forgetting about it
Gwyneth Paltrow Joined the Bitcoin wallet startup Abra as an advisor during an episode of the Apple series, Planet of the Apps.
Snoop Dogg In 2017, Snoop Dogg was presented with 1,500 SparkleCOINs from the company worth approximately $55,500 as a donation for his youth football program.
Dennis Coles Dennis Coles, announced his investment in the cryptocurrency world as a co-founder of Cream Capital, a firm aiming to build a blockchain ATM network to facilitate the use of coins like Ethereum and bitcoin
Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon when he began promoting the token sale of Cobinhood, a free cryptocurrency trading exchange
Richard Sherman Richard Sherman announced on Facebook that his official online store would begin accepting bitcoin payments, calling it “the currency of the future.”
Johnny Depp In the fall of 2018, the actor became a partner with TaTaTu blockchain startup, which deals with film-making.
Luis Suarez Luis Suarez now also wants to make money by predicting who wins a match. Uruguayan football star invited 25M of his followers on Instagram to join him in signing up to the Ethereum-based prediction market platform Stox and making their predictions for the US Open
Lothar Matthaus Lothar Matthaus joined as a Football Ambassador, because, as he stated, by decentralizing talent scouting TokenStars has a big potential to ensure that we’ll see the new maradonas and ronaldos in the nearest future.
Gianluca Zambrotta He is focused on coaching the football club in China and in the crypto world as a TokenStars Football Ambassador.
Redfoo He is a coder working on an Ethereum project! He is very into the blockchain and donated several personal items for TokenStars Crypto Christmas Charity Auction.
Roger Ver Currently he is involved in numerous projects, such as Bitcoin Cash,, Ripple, Bitpay, Kraken, Coinsetter. Roger donated his T-shirt to the Crypto Charity Auction of TokenStars.
Tommy Haas Is a Tennis Ambassador for TokenStars.

Bitcoin Circuit Review: Our conclusions

There may be a long list of reasons why you would like to grow your passive income. Perhaps you are aspiring to pay off a student loan, plan your dream holiday or go for that car you’ve always wanted to own. Whatever your reasons, you may find that Bitcoin Circuit is an effective tool to use to trade in the cryptocurrency market. 

It has been reported that there are many positive user testimonials of how this technology has helped many new investors to make huge profits daily. We cannot solidify that these claims are true. 

We recommend that any new user should not enter the cryptocurrency market without doing research on the technology they’re using. Bitcoin Circuit is simply a tool to help you trade.


Can Bitcoin Circuit be used by anyone?

Yes, it is a fully automated trading technology.

Is the Bitcoin Circuit app available?

No, there is no mobile app; the technology can be used online through any web browser and on all types of devices.

Have any celebrities endorsed Bitcoin Circuit?

No,  we cannot confirm that there have been endorsements by celebrities or paid partnerships.

How much can be earned with Bitcoin Circuit?

It is reported that investors are already earning over €5,000 daily with the auto trader. The earning potentials are limitless because the market trends change.

Are funds secure on Bitcoin Circuit?

Yes, all investors’ funds and other information are protected on the platform.

I have no experience in online trading. Can I use the Bitcoin Circuit software?

The Bitcoin Circuit app is designed to be used by both experienced traders and those who have never traded before. 

What kind of results must I expect from Bitcoin Circuit?

How much money you earn on Bitcoin Circuit is entirely dependent on your investment of time, money, and effort. There is no set limit.

Are there any fees involved to join the Bitcoin Circuit?

The Bitcoin Circuit software is completely free. There are no hidden costs or commissions.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is simply explained as a digital and global money system currency. It allows people or investors to send and receive money across the internet. It is not controlled by a central bank or administration and therefore referred to as a decentralized currency. 

What does a bitcoin look like?

A bitcoin does not look like the traditional penny, pound, dollar, or any other traditional currency. In reality, a bitcoin is a computer file that has been stored in a virtual wallet app. 

Glossary of Cryptocurrency Terms

Bitcoin Bitcoin is reported to be the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin runs on a Bitcoin Blockchain and is a decentralized currency that operates independently from central banks and authority
Ethereum Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is a cryptocurrency that is decentralized. Here, investors can transfer and exchange value.
Litecoin Litecoin is also a cryptocurrency and a blockchain mirroring Bitcoin.
Exchange The crypto exchange is basically an online platform where crypto investors get to exchange different cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin mining Bitcoin mining occurs when Bitcoin transactions are verified and confirmed before being added to the Bitcoin Blockchain.
Crypto wallet A crypto wallet is a software program that stores the private and public keys of investors. It also allows users to transfer, receive, spend, store and check their balances.
Circulating supply This refers to the amount of a given cryptocurrency or tokens that are publicly available and circulating on the market between buyers and sellers.
Market cap Market cap refers to the market value of all of the cryptocurrencies available in the market per day.
Altcoins Bitcoin was the first and most successful of all cryptocurrencies. All other coins are grouped together under the category of altcoins.
Block Explorer An online tool for exploring and analysing the blockchain of a cryptocurrency.
Block Height Block height refers to the number of blocks connected in the blockchain.
Block Reward An incentive given to a bitcoin miner who has successfully calculated the hash (verification) in a block.
Chain Linking Transferring one cryptocurrency to another. This requires the transaction to be lodged in two separate blockchains.
Consortium Blockchain A privately owned and operated blockchain.
Cryptography The process of encrypting and decrypting information.
Decentralized Autonomous Organization Refers to organisations that are run by computer programs or software rather than a human input. There is no central authority in this regard.
Token Tokens are strongly associated with ICO’s and are often built on the pre-existing standard from established ‘smart contract’ blockchains like Ethereum.
ICO This stands for Initial Coin Offering and refers to a disruptive new method for projects to gain funding.
Fork In cryptocurrency terms, a fork is an event where an existing cryptocurrency splits into two variations of the code.
Wallet A cryptocurrency wallet is the primary way owners of cryptocurrencies are able to access their coins.
Hot and cold storage This refers to where a particular wallet is hosted. Hot storage refers to a wallet that is accessible from an internet connection, where cold storage refers to hosting your wallet offline on a separate piece of hardware.
Escrow An escrow is a financial arrangement where a third party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction.
Smart contract The Ethereum blockchain allows for code to be deployed onto it in the form of a smart contract. This contract is essentially a set of mathematical rules that dictate how the transactions function
Proof-of-work (PoW) For transactions to be confirmed and added to the Blockchain ledger, there are various approaches that have been developed to complete this process.
Proof-of-stake (PoS) In PoS-based cryptocurrencies, the creator of the next block is chosen via various combinations of random selection and wealth or age.
Proof of Importance (POI) This is a style of proof pioneered by the coin NEM as a third alternative to PoW and PoS.
TA Shorthand for a technical analysis, or the analysis of coin values based on historical price movements and sophisticated indicators.
Node a computer that is connected to the network of a particular cryptocurrency.
Mining Mining is the process of validating new transactions on a cryptocurrencies distributed ledger.
Moonshot This refers to a cryptocurrency shooting upwards dramatically.
Bear and Bull markets A bull market is refers to rising prices and optimistic sentiment that encourages buying. Bear markets are considered the opposite of bull markets, with downward price trends and a pessimistic sentiment that encourages selling
Whale Refers to someone who holds a large amount of cryptocurrency
HODL Refers to the passive investment strategy of ignoring market turbulence and waiting for long term returns.

Disclaimer: The content on this page should not be taken as financial advice. It is for informational purposes only. Never invest what you can’t afford to lose. Always research as much as possible before making any financial decision and consult a certified financial advisor.

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