Bitcoin Cash climbs the ladder as the hard fork price continues to surge

Bitcoin Cash price

While the cryptocurrency market has been showing hopes of the next long bull run, Bitcoin Cash price- the controversial hard fork of Bitcoin – has been taking the positive trend to the next level.

Yesterday’s market was flushed with green from the surging cryptocurrencies today the market has slowed the rally down and is showing signs of red in the leading tokens. This is not bad, however, as it could point to a point of resistance which is a good sign of healthy growth.

Bitcoin Cash price

Bitcoin price right now

Bitcoin price has broken through the $5000 mark once more and continues to increase, albeit less dramatically than the past few days. The leading cryptocurrency is holding green with a gentle 1.43% increase in day-on-day trading values. Bitcoin price at the time of writing is sitting at $5024.18.

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin Cash price right now

Bitcoin Cash hard forked from Bitcoin in August 2017 and then hard forked again in November 2018. It has been suggested that the contentious hard fork last year caused the cryptocurrency market to crash, plummeting Bitcoin price from the $6000 value it had been hovering around for months to below $3400.

In the top ten cryptocurrency tokens, Bitcoin Cash currently is showing the highest increase in price. The token moved from the 6th position in cryptocurrency rankings to 4th currently. Yesterday, the hard fork had gained over 26.21%  and Bitcoin Cash price right now is boasting a near 20% price increase. From an all-time low value of $75.08 in December 2018, Bitcoin Cash price is now looking at a hearty $303.97.

Bitcoin cash price

Ethereum price right now

Ethereum price still remains high but is in the red in day-on-day trading values. This could be the token saw a significant increase in value, and it is currently readjusting to investors selling for profit. At the moment, Ethereum is looking at a 2.16% price decrease and is valued at $163.61 – which is almost double what it was valued in December 2018.

Ripple XRP price right now

Ripple price, similarly to Ethereum, has taken a step into the red zone. XRP has dropped 1.41% in trading values over the past 24 hours and is now valued at $0.3438.

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