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Bitcoin Cash gained 130% in less than a month; a healthy market continues to grow

Bitcoin Cash price has soared as Bitcoin has caught its first break in 2019 since November’s market crash.

Starting the week off in the green, Bitcoin has managed to maintain a positive trend over the weekend which is leading to a good beginning to the week. Looking at the market overview from Coin360, it’s clear that healthy growth from the recent surge in the market is sustaining.

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin price increase

Leading the cryptocurrency ranks and trends, Bitcoin price has recovered from the slight dip it took towards the end of last week, and is continuing the hold the positive increase. Over the past month, Bitcoin has gained 37.8% when it shot up from $3934.03 to a $5421.65 mark. Breaking through resistances along the way, Bitcoin’s positive price spike has raised the sentiment as well as other prices in the rest of the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin price

Ethereum price live

At present, Ethereum is up by 1.84% in day-on-day trading and is valued at a price of $166.79. Over the past month, Ethereum price has climbed up by 27.6% from $133.49 to show a $184.38 mark in the markets.

Ethereum price

Bitcoin Cash price gain

One token which seems to feel a big impact from Bitcoin price gains is the hard fork Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash has gained a whopping 130% between it’s monthly low of $148.71 to show off a high of $342.87. When Bitcoin caught a wobble last week, Bitcoin Cash felt it with the slight slump. Currently, Bitcoin Cash price has gained 6.92% in day-on-day trading and is showing $298.07. If Bitcoin can continue to rise streadily, Bitcoin Cash might see astronomical increases.

Bitcoin cash price

Binance Coin price surge

Binance Coin is making surprising strides in the market. The token backed by cryptocurrency exchange Binance is gaining ranks and has been showing a positive gradient over the past three weeks. In the past month, Binance has seen a low of $14.34 compared to a recent $20.07 high, boasting a 39.95% increase in trading price.

Binance Coin price

Starting the week off well in the cryptocurrency industry can spell out a great week for the markets. If sentiment continues, the prices might just break new barriers heading into the second half of April.