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Bitcoin spikes by a bullish 10.10% to surge past $11,700

Bullish Bitcoin turns blue Monday to green as it gains a tidy 10.10% in daily trading values; smashing through resistance to see an $11,700 price.

Bitcoin price has started the week with a surging gain of over 10%, showing a green face to the market, which is being widely reciprocated by the other tokens in the cryptocurrency industry. Looking at data from Coin360, we can see that most of the leading tokens are gaining value as the new week kicks off.

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin price

At the end of last week, Bitcoin broke past $10,000 and it’s been on the up since. As we head into a new week, Bitcoin price heads up with a surge over 10%. At present, the cryptocurrency is holding a price tag of $11,737.24. Over the week, Bitcoin has seen a low value of $9,437.34; bragging a 24.9% increase over the week.

BTC price

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Ethereum price

As Bitcoin heads up, Ethereum trading volume and Ethereum price has seen an increase too. Reaching a seven day high of $230.93, Ethereum has shown a 10.44% increase from the seven day low of $206.80. At present, Ethereum is at a 5.08% increase in daily trading value.

ETC price right now

Ripple XRP price

Ripple’s XRP is also currently in the green with a 2.93% increase in daily trading. Over the past week, the token has seen a low of $0.307865 compared to its high of $0.32438, showing a 5.36% in weekly trading ranges.

Ripple price right now

Bitcoin Cash price

At present, Bitcoin Cash is showing gains of 4.00% in daily trading volumes to head from a value of $329.93 to $343.7. Over the week, the Bitcoin hard fork has gained 13.09% gaining to the current price from a low value of $305.29.

Bitcoin Cash price

While Bitcoin and other token’s values have been famed for their volatility, if the market can continue on this current positive trajectory teamed with recorrections, we might just be looking at a sustainable and healthy future for the cryptocurrency industry.