Bitcoin adoption: Crypto to be taught in schools in Georgia

A bill has been passed in Georgia calling for school curricula to include Bitcoin and blockchain studies for high school students. In order to offer students a more well-rounded financial education, the Georgia House of Representatives requires that state education schools include cryptocurrency in classes.

Passed early last week, the bill which was sponsored by six Republican candidates is currently with the Senate for further consideration. Should it go through, the program will include 16 different areas in financial literacy to be studied by students from tenth grade. According to the bill, the State Board of Education will prescribe a study programme that will include financial literacy courses needed to be completed by students during the high school years.

In a turn of events, cryptocurrency is included on the list of prescribed areas. Traditional aspects of finances are included, such as balancing chequebooks, investments and loans, and tax assessments.

While cryptocurrency might not be taught at a technical level and it’s uncertain how comprehensive the subject might be, the inclusion of digital currencies implies a shift towards mass adoption of the crypto industry.

Cryptocurrency courses across the globe

This is not the first time cryptocurrency has been noticed as a potential school subject. In 2019, before the bull rally which would follow in 2020, the education ministry in France included a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency programme to be taught in public high schools in the country. The intention of this course is to give students a general understanding of how cryptocurrencies and the world of blockchain-based currencies might fit in with the traditional world of finance and economics.

While these courses might be slowly expanding across the world, they do represent an exciting prospect: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are seen as important enough for national education ministries to include in modules. This means that they perceive the industry as one which will be crucial for students to understand as they step into the world of independent finance after school.

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