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Binance adds Circle-backed USD Coin as quote asset

The lead cryptocurrency exchange Binace has announced new quote assets for stablecoin trading on its platform.

Binance, the current leading cryptocurrency trading exchange, has announced that USD Coin – the stable token backed by Circle – as a quote asset for new trading pairs on its trading platform.

In an official publication, Binance stated that the trading pairs will be:


Earlier this year, the trade exchange changed its Tether Market as the combined USDⓈ market in order to offer more opportunity for stablecoins as a base pair for trading.

Furthermore, Binance is to unlist the USDC/BNB and USDC/BTC trading pairs and replace them, although the trading pairs were only just launched in November.

According to the announcement, the exchange will replace and delist its former USDC/BNB and USDC/BTC trading pairs, which had just been launched mid-November.