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Binance prepares to list Nebulas, NAS rises by 7%

Following an ongoing token swap, Nebulas has reacted positively to news that Binance will list the asset on June 28th.

Shortly after its token swap kicked off on May 7th, Binance has confirmed its plans to list Nebulas (NAS) on June 28th at 8am UTC.

Founded in 2017, Nebulas is a Singapore-based blockchain project tips itself as a ‘self-evolving’ blockchain system – principally, the network offers both a search engine and upgradeable smart contracts to distinguish itself from rival offerings, such as Ethereum.

Chiefly, Nebulas is comprised by Nebulas Rank (NR) – mechanic which measures value by considering liquidity and propagation of an address to generate a score for a dApp or smart contract – as well as Nebulas Force (NF), which supports upgrades for core protocols and smart contracts with the view of preventing contentious hard forks.

The network further features a Native Incentive (NI) based on its Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP), which rewards contributors and content creators through Proof of Devotion (PoD) Consensus.

The network proceeded with its mainnet launch earlier this year, where token holders are able to continuously swap their ERC2-based tokens for official NAS tokens. The swap comes amidst similar moves made by other leading cryptocurrency projects, such as EOS and Tron.

Joining the likes of Huobi Pro, OKEx, and, Binance will now proceed to list Nebulas for trading in against Binance Coin (NAS/BNB), Bitcoin (NAS/BTC), and Ethereum (NAS/ETH).

While Binance users can now start depositing NAS in preparation for trading, the exchange has advised that it will not accept ERC20-based NAS tokens. At press time, it remains unclear if Binance will proceed to offer a continuous token swap for NAS tokens in the future – recently, the exchange offered its support for continuous EOS token swaps following the project’s departure from Ethereum.

Nebulas has responded positively to the news – NAS has climbed by 7.53% over the past day, and presently trades at $4.91 USD.