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Where to trade your cryptocurrency: the world’s biggest exchanges

Cryptocurrencies trade exchanges need to both handle and protect massive amounts of money daily. If you’re a trader looking for an exchange to put your money – and trust – into, it can be a daunting task. Here, we help you out by giving you the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges and their features.

We hear a great deal about which cryptocurrencies are on top form and which ones to keep an eye on but we don’t give as much justice to the platforms on which these cryptocurrencies live. When we think of the squirrel, we need to consider the tree too.

The tallest trees we want to look at are the biggest cryptocurrency trading exchanges. For this list, we are basing the size on the exchange’s current trading volume for the last 24 hours on markets which have fees attached.

Crackin’ open the list we start with the ‘smallest’.


“The Best Bitcoin Exchange

Based in San-Francisco and launched in 2011, the exchange offers the opportunity to “sail the seas of success“. Kraken currently deals mostly with Bitcoin/Euro transactions with Bitcoin/USD trailing behind.

The company also dabbles in philanthropy and has recently announced a million dollar donation to Coincenter – a company focused on protecting the rights of crypto and blockchain users.

There seems to be a divide of the matter of opinion from users of Kraken, while some have the experience of smooth sailing, others face choppy waters with allegedly bad customer service and general glitches

No matter what the view, the platform sits with a comfortable total trading volume of $238,201,147 USD at present.


The Most Trusted Digital Asset Exchange

GDAX is run by the same company of the Macdaddy Coinbase (which we won’t get into this list since it is more of a custodial service catering as a user-friendly interface) and offers a clean platform for advanced investors.

Also launched in San-Fransisco in 2011, this exchange caters to more American than Kraken and currently sees the most common pairing as Ethereum/USD with Bitcoin/USD following a ways behind.

Earlier this year, the exchange announced that it was introducing the support of segregated witness (SegWit) for Bitcoin transactions to help with the convenience of Bitcoin withdrawals and deposits.

GDAX has a current total trading volume of $260,029,880 USD.


The World Class Digital Asset Exchange”

Founded in 2016, LBank has taken a similar approach to GDAX and lends itself more towards the experienced investors rather than new traders. Although it only caters for cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency trading, the Asian exchange has a surprising top movement with alt-coin Vechain/Bitcoin taking the title of the most popular trading pair with Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash taking second.

The exchange appears to be trusted within the community and although it only boasts a 3.5 rating, it seems to have few issues that come along with it.
LBank sits at a current total trading volume of $265,505,408 USD.


HitBTC is the most advanced Bitcoin exchange”

Founded in 2013 and launched in 2014, the location of this exchange is shrouded in mystery and its main point of operation has not been identified. With mailing addresses in Hong Kong and office representatives in Chile – the location stands unknown.

What is known about this exchange is the trading it boasts – with over 300 cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange,

Like LBank, HitBTC only offers cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency trading and has Bitcoin/Tether as the number one moving pair and Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin traveling far behind.

With a current total trading volume of $321,412,272 USD, it claims the title of the seventh biggest digital currency trading platform in the world.


Global cryptocurrency exchange

This South Korean-based exchange has done well hitting one of the up-and-coming hubs of cryptocurrency in the Asian digital financial ecosystem and the evidence of its target market. The top-moving transaction is comfortably the EOS/South Korean Won pairing, with Tron/South Korean Won taking a far behind second place.

The exchange offers cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency pairings too and made the recent announcement of a “token swap” for EOS and Tron investors.

Although it offers less than thirty listed tokens, the platform still gains traction and has a current total trading volume of $583,130,144 USD.


“Korea’s Most Cryptographic Exchange”

This Korean-based cryptocurrency exchange had itself a rather calculated launch and managed to snag its way into the market through innovation and strategic partnership. The platform launched when Kakao – the biggest messaging application developer in Korea – partnered with US-based exchange Bittrex. Through this, users on UpBit’s network are able to use the platform on their mobile devices and the application is available for anyone using iOS or Android.

The top-movers are Tron/South Korean Won and EOS/South Korean Won and UpBit shows off a current total trading volume of $613,055,467 USD.


The world’s largest and most advanced cryptocurrency trading platform”

This platform offers its users trading exchange, margin trading, and margin funding services and also provides the option for users to trade up to 3.3x leverage. Launched in 2013, BitFinex has built itself up to offer users a number of unique features, such as customizable interfaces and advanced chart tools.

The Hong-Kong-based exchange is popular in the US, the top moving pairs are unsurprising with Bitcoin/USD taking first with Ethereum/USD in second place.

It is the leading exchange in Bitcoin trading and has a total trading volume of $870,239,969 USD.


The leading global digital asset exchange

Based in Beijing, Huobi is a platform which provides offers secure exchange services and operates on a completely independent cryptocurrency evaluation system.

Huobi also offers a fully comprehensive verification process which has helped gain it the favor from both local Chinese traders and also foreign users who have taken a liking to the platform.

Offering cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency trading, Huobi’s top movers are EOS/Tether and Bitcoin/Tether and the exchange bags a spot in the top three with a current total trading volume of $1,275,052,217 USD.


Binance – Exchange The World”

Multi-lingual and international already put Binance in a golden place in the innovative world of cryptocurrency.

Not only does it cater to the market on a global level, it is one of the fastest exchanges in the market – a factor which works very much in its favor.

They’ve also got their customer’s backs.

With over 300 tokens listed, Bitcoin/Tether is the top-moving pair and Ethereum/Tether naturally follows behind.

It sits on the second stand of the podium with a current total trading volume of $1,557,659,900 USD.


The Most Trusted Digital Asset Exchange”

And for once, the company’s slogan holds the support of statistics to verify it. OKex can claim it’s prize as the top leading cryptocurrency exchange, boasting a massive current total trading volume of $1,582,095,635 USD.

If the number one spot isn’t enough in itself, the exchange can pride itself even more in taking the title of biggest cryptocurrency exchange after suffering a hack last year October.

OKex, which offers both fiat-to-cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency services, has been listed as the top crypto-exchange since February and claims a daily value of over $1.8 billion USD. Its top movers are Bitcoin/Tether and EOS/Tether.