Five great free cryptocurrency news apps for your phone


With the internet, the reality of news has taken a turn from print to online content. This especially rings true when the news is focused on a concept based and founded on an innovation online.

When it comes to the cryptocurrency market, it is critical to stay connected with movements of tokens and price values. Since print media is out of the question and owing to the volatile nature of the industry it’s near impossible that one can closely stay up to date on a personal computer – even if it is a lap-based one – the best option is to turn to one’s phone for the updates. Thus enter mobile cryptocurrency news applications which are dedicated to bringing all crypto-updates as fast as the internet allows.

In this list, we will be exploring the top five cryptoapps that are available at present.

1) CryptoNews

Taking our top spot is an app which offers news on everything pertinent in cryptocurrency, mining, and blockchain.

Taking breaking news from a number of different sources, CryptoNews has a constant and accurate stream of updates in the market with fresh resources. It offers users the option for pop-up mobile notifications for instant information but manages the push-notifications according to location, in order to avoid pesky alerts inconvenient times.

The app also shows prices on cryptocurrencies which comes with a tidy widget showing recent increases and decreases on individual tokens which indicates the changes in a coin market in increments of one hour, 24 hours or 7 days.

Download Crypto News for free:  Google Play


2) Blockfolio Bitcoin

This app offers investors the option of tracking over 2,000 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Dogecoin. Not only does it help a user track tokens, it also offers the option of managing cryptocurrency spendings with a feature that allows users to manually record spendings while providing updates on value dips or increases.

Blockfolio Bitcoin also offers users the option to view candlestick charts, order book, and market details for listed cryptocurrencies with a tidy and user-friendly interface.

Download Blockfolio for free: App StoreGoogle Play


3) Reddit

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It’s well-known in the crypto-community that Reddit is a hot source for news on digital currencies and the same holds for the application. Using the same concept of subreddit pages dedicated to topics, the app provides a space where users can receive announcements and notifications on news-worthy market movers.

While the app used to have issues on content browsing and reading longer-form articles, after a recent overhaul, this is no longer a problem and runs smoothly.

One aspect to bear in mind is that the posts uploaded are from Reddit users and so the source might not be as accurate as if it were from a credible news source. Despite this, however, users will be able to upvote the accurate and trending news, which means that untruthful news might not make the cut.

Reddit is free to download but comes with advertisements.

Download Reddit for free: App StoreGoogle Play

4) StockTwits

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This news-source based app offers users a customizable space for everything about the market movements and evaluations of cryptocurrencies. StockTwists is a well-designed platform which provides stock trading, sentiment analysis with Robinhood login access.

In addition, one can generate custom search URLs for a particular cryptocurrency on the app, such as the information on Bitcoin which can be found at This search option is available for other cryptocurrencies in a similar manner.

StockTwits has found particular success in giving real-time updates on pricing for the kingpin cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Like, StockTwits comes free with advertisements.

Download for free: App StoreGoogle Play


This application not only provides news updates on a number of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, it also offers detailed graphs according to the price changes of certain tokens which gives an overview of how the prices have evolved over the years.

Moreover, the application also gives the option to manage user blockchain assets within the app and provides summaries of how much money has been gained or lost on a day-to-day basis in trading.

Another key feature of is the basic currency converter it offers, which allows users to see a price transaction between currencies immediately. While the app is free, it does come at the cost of advertising on one’s screen which can be alleviated with an in-app purchase.

Download for free: App StoreGoogle Play

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