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Cryptokitties are so last blockchain – Here are the new cryptogames to check out

The blockchain usually has a connotation of stress and worry. That need not be the case with cryptogames which are making waves on the blockchain. Here we take a look at our top picks of which games to play on Ethereum’s network.

Who needs money when you’ve got games to play?

CryptoKitties did it first by offering users a chance to look after digital kittens on Ethereum’s blockchain networks and since then others have tagged onto the idea. The thought must be that blockchain is great and games are great, so together, cryptogames must be a million dollar idea and so a whole new virtual world is launching.

Here are our picks for the most unusual blockchain games you can find online.


A not-so-cryptic card trading game with the hotness of A-List celebrities.

This blockchain game allows users to trade and collect crypto-celebrity cards and is receiving massive amounts of attention and money for it.

The game has caused the trading of nearly $23 million USD worth of Ethereum during the Beta phase. Investors and traders are plugging resources into collecting different cards and are going berserk over it. Different celebrity cards have different values with the highest currently sitting on an impressive worth of 152 ETH which is approximately a ludicrous $126,000 USD.

Not only do different celebrities hold different values, the game also has a design where each time a card is traded, its value increases. The more attention card gets, the more it goes for.


Plant a tree, make it grown and be the tallest!”

Think this one sounds zen and tranquil, don’t you?

Think again.

While EtherGarden has the magical appeal of designing and crafting a garden and watching it grow to become strong and beautiful, it couples this peaceful richness with a tidy bit of malicious competition.

Essentially, one pays in Ether tokens to make their trees grow while cutting down the plants of other users.

To be the tallest, you must destroy the tallest by ruthlessly cutting them down.

CryptoPets (Unreleased)

A Blockchain-based video game for collecting, trading and raising your digital pets.

Plush toys are way too analog.

The next adorable collection craze obviously has to be applicable on a technological platform – hence the concept of CryptoPets. The blockchain-based game promises to offer unique and personal pets which cannot be modified, copied or taken away. The digital pets will be owned by individual users who will be able to feed, play with and look after them as well as play in mini sub-games to gain extra features to make the pets digital existence a little more comfortable.

Almost like CryptoKitties, but with more than just kitties.


A free, interactive code school that teaches you to build games on Ethereum.”

A blockchain educational game is not quite what one imagines when they hear the title “CryptoZombies” but that’s, in essence, what this game is.

CryptoZombies is an interactive game which offers different courses designed for beginners to learn ‘Solidity’ code from scratch in a simple, step-by-step method. The zombies come into play in the different lessons. Step one sees users build a zombie factory so that they can build their zombie armies. Certain zombies are stronger and can only be earned by completing particular tasks.

As a free app on the blockchain, the initiative is to teach users the very basics of using code to build games and the concept is fairly simple. Complete tasks, and learn development skills while you do it and create an epic zombie army as a neat bonus.

Brains for you. Brains for the zombies.

And as a bonus for our top pick for most arbitrary:

Ether Rock

Connect to the Ethereum main network and collect different rocks. There are one hundred different rocks available and all of them come in a different color! Well, a different shade of grey, that is.