From Satoshi Nakamoto to Stanford’s professor: study Bitcoin from the best


Still stuck with comprehending Bitcoin Holding so many cryptocurrencies that you’ve lost track of why you were so excited about new tech investment opportunity in the first place? Not to worry, we can help you out. 

To truly understand and appreciate Bitcoin, we have to realize how it works at a technical level. It’s quite easy to drown in the sea of unstructured (and sometimes useless) information unless you have a solid base to start. This list offers that solid base with easy to follow videos on cryptocurrency.

Video №1: “What is Bitcoin?”


The crypto craze as we know it started with the small website where mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto published the new digital currency White Paper back in 2009 with basic guidelines to help anyone get started. Driven by the community, the website keeps being updated and we believe that this brief video from the primary source of Bitcoin is an excellent place to get started.


Video №2: “How Cryptocurrencies Work?”

by SciShow

This take on how cryptocurrencies work is by one of the leading YouTube channels dedicated to all sorts of scientific subjects. In this video, hosts were focusing on the math behind Bitcoin while trying to make the explanation as engaging and easy to comprehend as possible.  


Video №3: Introduction to Bitcoin

by Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos is a well-known Bitcoin advocate, educator, and the author of several books explaining the subject – such as the Internet of Money, which provides a deeper understanding of the elegant technology behind digital currencies. The following video was filmed during his presentation at the Singularity University’s Innovation Partnership Program (IPP). This content will bring value to any person striving to understand how Bitcoin works.


Video №4: Overview of Bitcoin

by Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a nonprofit striving to provide free, high-quality education for anyone, anywhere. This introductory video looks at the mechanics of Bitcoin and has been created by a world-leading expert in cryptography and computer security, Zulfikar Ramzan.

Zulfikar worked as CTO in Elastica (which has been acquired by Blue Coat) and currently holds the same position in RSA. He also received Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), so he is definitely no stranger to concepts like Bitcoin.


Video №5: “What is Bitcoin?”

by Stanford Graduate School of Business

This video will be helpful for the more hardcore learners. Susan Athey, who teaches the Economics of Technology at Stanford Graduate School of Business, explains how Bitcoin works, and why digital currencies might forever transform the way in which customers and financial institutions operate and do business together.


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