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“Be kind or shut up” – Andreas Antonopoulos advocates for peace during the market’s dip

Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast host Andreas Antonopoulos has promoted patience and respect in the cryptocurrency space owing to the shocking downward trend.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

Andreas Antonopoulos, the Greek-British host of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast, has taken to Twitter to advocate kindness in the midst of the worst condition the cryptocurrency market has seen this year.

Antonopoulos, who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise on everything crypto, generally gives his advice away in one of the most objective ways possible – and his advice this time is to “be kind or shut up“:

As it stands, the market is in a bad way and the market’s downward trajectory seems to have no end in sight – owing to this, Antonopoulos offers a sage piece of advice. If compassion and respect were able to slow down the FUD and keep trading calm, then it is exactly what the market needs.

Well, that and a spot of green in the trading, but that will happen when it does.

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