Becky Leighton
Becky Leighton

Becky Leighton is a chip off the old blockchain. She’s spent the last seven years reading about and writing in the world of crypto, Web3, and decentralised technology.

You’ll either find her running or keeping an eye on any and all developments in the tech space.

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Kate’s Data Breach Sparks Urgent Call for Enhanced Security Measures

After Kate Middleton's alleged data incident and possible internal attack at the London Clinic, there's a clear need for security in cyber...

Top Five Crypto Red Flags on Social Media

Some scams are easy to see, but others might look like a worthwhile investment opportunity. Here are some crypto red flags to look out for.

How to buy Bitcoin using a credit card

You can now buy Bitcoin using a credit card in select territories with Coindirect in an easy, streamlined step-by-step process.