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South African technology journalist, podcaster, photographer and filmmaker. Hodling - BTC, NEO, ETH.@bryansmithsa

Russia bans Bitcoin and other “money substitutes”

Countries around the world are scrambling to give their official stance on virtual currencies and Bitcoin more specifically. According to Russian officials, “Systems for anonymous payments and cyber currencies that have gained considerable circulation “” including the most well-known, Bitcoin “” are money substitutes and cannot be used by individuals or legal entities.” Any use […]

Bitcoin’s value tumbles more than 20%

As we have mentioned over the last year, Bitcoin is an interesting concept that doesn‘t seem to have been figured out completely as of yet. It is behaving too much like a commodity and not like a currency would (see our analysis here). Minor changes in trading conditions of the currency lead to massive fluctuations […]

Yahoo malware created 2 million “Bitcoin slaves”

As Bitcoin‘s value continues to rise, hackers have found the virtual currency increasingly enticing and developed sophisticated ways to get their hands on it illegally. Not only by stealing it, but also by illegally “˜mining‘ it. The latest method they have devised is to “˜highjack‘ other people‘s personal computers to do the mining for them, […]

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