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South African technology journalist, podcaster, photographer and filmmaker. Hodling - BTC, NEO, ETH.@bryansmithsa

The State of Bitcoin in 2016

Bitcoin is meant to create the economy tailor made for the digital realm. But what is the state of Bitcoin in 2016?

What is Bitcoin, Exactly?

Ready to get to grips with Bitcoin? Minnaar Pieters explores the basics of the world’s new virtual cryptographic currency.

Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht sentenced to life

For those not quite in the know, Silk Road represented the dark side of the Bitcoin revolution. It made it easy for people to buy and sell illegal drugs (and anything else you can think of) anonymously. Though Silk Road has been shut down by federal authorities, similar sites have sprung up like magic mushrooms […]

First US Bitcoin ATMs coming this month

Last year the first Bitcoin ATM opened in Vancouver, Canada. It was a very successful launch, and now the maker of these machines, Robocoin, will install similar machines in Seattle, Washington and Austin, Texas in the good old US of A. Touted by Robocoin as the first US Bitcoin ATMs, the machines cost around $19,000 […]

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