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Augur goes live after a two-year beta, prices sink by 9%

Following the conclusion of a two-year beta and a planned token swap, Augur has officially launched its flagship mainnet.

Following a two-year long beta, Augur – the decentralized platform designed to facilitate bets on real-world predictions – has officially launched.

The news follows the release of Augur’s public beta offering in 2018, and marks the final release of the Augur application as open-source software available for download.

Augur was first released in beta on Ethereum – and as such, the platform has now endured a token-swap to convert ERC20-based REP tokens to ‘mainnet’ REP tokens.

In an official statement, the Forecast Foundation confirmed that the migration had proven successful – nothing that “new production REP has been minted to all 56,338 unique accounts that held REP at the time of 11:01AM PT on July 9th, 2018. The transaction that froze the old REP contract indefinitely can be seen here.”

The Foundation urged potential contributors to add value to the system whether through patience or active participation through GitHub, nothing that:

“The words of support received today are highly appreciated. Augur couldn’t have been built and deployed if it wasn’t for the hundreds of unique contributors, community members, software developers, hackers and advocates who have backed and worked relentlessly towards this vision for the past three years.

Please bear with the software developers and maintainers in the early days, as there will undoubtedly be compatibility issues, bugs, and a learning curve for new users of decentralized applications.”

The platform’s launch is timeous, given the imminent closure of the 2018 FIFA World Cup at the conclusion of both semi-final and final events. Predictions.Global has revealed a tally of some 119 active predictions market, with some $39,838.90 USD at stake.

Despite the positive launch, Augur’s REP tokens have retreated by as much as -9.44% over the past twenty-four hours. At press time, REP tokens trade at $30.38 USD.