Aston Martin teams up with crypto platform in new F1 season has partnered with Aston Martin to sponsor the Formula 1 team for the new season in a multi-year deal., a cryptocurrency exchange platform, has confirmed a partnership with Aston Martin as a sponsor for the Formula 1 team in the next seasons.

As per a cryptocurrency platform’s logo. With nearly 90 million fans, the exposure will be significant for the platform.

Overall opportunity for the crypto market

As per co-founder and CEO Kris Marszalek, this stands as a potential opportunity to make massive waves for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. He commented:

“The fact that a cryptocurrency company can go out there and make a statement like this, and align with such a well-respected brand with such a huge tradition as Aston Martin, it makes a statement that the industry is maturing.”

In addition to the partnership with Aston Martin on the Formula 1 cars, Marszalek has also noted that the exchange is considering how else the platform can collaborate with the car manufacturer to promote its products. The commercial managing director of Aston Martin’s F1 division, Jefferson Slack, has also noted that Aston Martin is eager to see how cryptocurrency can be explored in the industry and is excited to gain understanding and insight into space through the new collaboration.

Other teams across the sporting world, such as football leagues and racing car teams, have teamed up with cryptocurrency projects to promote the digital currency space. So while this doesn’t mark the first time sports and cryptocurrency have collaborated, it does mark a massive step in the direction of plausible wider adoption for the industry.

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