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Anthony Pompliano Predicts Surge Of New Crypto Adopters

Cryptocurrency investor and Bitcoin bull Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano expects a fresh wave of investors in the cryptocurrency market as a result of the Coronavirus lockdown.

Co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano believes that the cryptocurrency market will see a surge of new users as a result of the response the COVID19 Coronavirus.

Pompliano suggested that the uncertainty from the global pandemic with regards to the economy, particularly in the United States, will lead individuals to new investment options. Discussing with Changpeng “CZ” Zhao at the Consensus conference, Pompliano pointed out that there is a heightened fear regarding the strength of fiat currency as a result of new monetary policies which have emerged from the COVID lockdown.

Bullish About Bitcoin Adoption

He offered:

“I think the response to COVID-19 probably does [mean] that you’re going to see central banks around the world print trillions of dollars. The fear of inflation, whether it actually happens or not, will drive people to, seek out something like a Bitcoin that is an inflation hedge. And, as currencies fail, people will look for whatever is able to store value or move value easier.”

He went on to say that users will look towards assets which rely on the internet, and this is exceptionally bullish for Bitcoin and positive for the cryptocurrency market in general.

Pomp’s Prediction That Bitcoin Will See $100k

Earlier this year, Pompliano suggested that the Bitcoin halving would send the cryptocurrency to new heights. Saying that May would be “rocket fuel” for Bitcoin’s price, Pompliano explained how volatility might be a thing to help Bitcoin’s value. Pointing out that the Bitcoin halving might be a push for a rise in price as the supply-demand relationship with the token shifts, Pompliano thinks that as the token becomes more scarce, it “provides this rocket fuel for the future outlook of Bitcoin.” The Bitcoin bull also confirmed that he believes that the leading cryptocurrency will see a $100k USD price tag by December 2021.

Bitcoin Price Right After The Halving

While Pompliano gives a longer time for Bitcoin to grow in price, it’s worthwhile looking at the token hours following the Bitcoin Halving. At the time of writing, Bitcoin has seen a modest 4.03% increase, taking the token from a daily low trading volume of $8 374,32 USD to $8 949,90 USD.

bitcoin price

Whether the token will surge within the new little while remains to be seen, but seeing green in daily trading could well be a positive sign for “rocket-fueled” months to come.