Ancora now offering luxurious Ethereum Pens after Bitcoin success


Luxury Italian pens – now in Ethereum.

Ancora 1919, anchored in the concept of Italian luxury, have been making pens since their title date. Known for their elite collections ranging in rollers, fountains and more-than-just-fine liners, the company craft not just pens but a brand.

And now that brand is looking to craft a series of limited edition Cryptocurrency Pens.

The Pens will be distributed similarly to that of a token sale model, whereby the pen represents the token. With this method, there is an opportunity to allow phased sales with the early stage (pre-production) offering customers a 50% discount on the full retail price for the product.

The company released a series of Bitcoin Pens at the end of last year and, owing to popular demand, the second of the Cryptocurrency Pen series is set. The Ethereum Pen – in its pre-production sale phase at the time of writing – looks to be irresistible for a collector.

The innovative writing utensils are not just nifty owing to their cryptostreet cred, but they are also flashy in their build. Boasting a nib of 18K gold, the Ethereum pens are as limited in their production as they are to those who can afford the unique accessory.

There are also a set number of special Pens which feature further precious metals in exchange for cryptocurrency. The “Platinum numbers” will each knock off 15 ETH from your digital wallet, which is roughly $6,960 USD at current prices, “Gold” sits at 10 ETH each ($4,640 USD), and “Silver” will go for 5 ETH a piece ($2,320 USD).

If you buy a rollerball Ethereum Pen you’ll have one of the 888 to be manufactured, and if you prefer the fancier fountain it’ll be one among only 87 others. Each Pen offers a unique number engraved of which the customer has the choice (on a first come, first serve basis) and Ancora’s website says, “[unlike] Ethereum Coin, the maximum supply of Ethereum Pens will remain capped for all time.

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