World’s first blockchain powered crypto ad network launches on heels of Google ban

World’s first blockchain powered crypto ad network launches on heels of Google ban

Canadian-based Adbank proud to announce the launch of Intergalactic Ads, a dedicated ad network for crypto and blockchain-based advertisers and publishers. Intergalactic Ads is powered by Adbank’s core technology; a platform for buying and selling ads built on the Ethereum network.

This is the first crypto ad network to actually run blockchain ads on the blockchain.

“Crypto ad networks already exist but none that are actually built on the technology that they’re selling. We are not only using blockchain to power this network, we’ve actually achieved what most of our advertisers are looking to achieve: hitting their hard cap and funding their projects. They need help with their ICO, we’ve already done one and now we’re helping others do the same,” says Angelo Dodaro, co-founder & CMO of Adbank.

While Adbank creates tools for all verticals of digital banner ads; this network was created to reach the rapidly increasing demand of an industry that relies heavily on ads.

Co-founder & CSO Kelsey Cole comments on why the launch and timing is key: “In order to form mass industry partnerships, we need to create a strong data set of tried and true case studies. We’ve started early adoption with the outlier industries forced to innovate, like crypto. Facebook & Google take up approximately 80% of digital ad spend and both have banned crypto advertising. That leaves a massive piece of the pie up for grab and a starving industry looking to be served, so launching a crypto ad network made a lot of sense for us. We chose to go live on June 1st, doomsday for crypto ads on Google.”

The Adbank team has a track record of delivering with every post-ICO milestone hit on time or ahead of schedule, including a successful beta launch in March. Led by founder & CEO Jon Gillham, the team values their community above all else. “We do what we say we’ll do, always. We promised the community swift, measurable results that drive utility and adoption of our token and we’re doing just that,” says Gillham. “In addition to our acquisition in Q1, we now have Intergalactic Ads living under the Adbank roof and driving awareness of our platform & token in the crypto community.”

The tech development is lead by Dr. Fodé Touré who joined the Adbank co-founding team as a partner and executive in Q1. Dr. Touré holds a PhD in Computer Science with a thesis focused on machine learning and has years of experience managing diversified dev teams with aggressive timelines like the ones demanded in crypto. “Our beta launched in March and was instantly adopted early partners and clients running pilot campaigns. We’ve tapped into that community for R&D and are working diligently with our expert ad tech advisors on product improvements. Using our existing customer base for feedback creates an open dialogue that helps us to build the best tech at rapid speeds by implementing their changes as we build.” – Dr. Fodé Touré, head of Tech.

Adbank caused a stir in December & January with their bold marketing initiatives that centered around a bizarre explainer video featuring a centaur. CMO Angelo Dodaro explains the game plan now: “It’s been really important for us to show our tech chops as a company post-ICO to signal to the community we are valuing real progress over hype. We are one of the only projects in crypto to actually have true utility today. Those who understand the issues faced in the advertising industry know it’s one of blockchain’s most powerful use cases outside of finance and we’re proud to be leaders in pushing it forward.”

Adbank isn’t just relying on the tech to get ahead. A key component of their strategy is to offer out-of-this-world customer service for both advertisers and publishers, something CSO Kelsey Cole explains is not common practice in crypto. “I don’t know what the problem is, but service in crypto is notoriously bad. Maybe there is too much money, maybe it’s the insatiable demand, but it’s just not good enough. We want to change that.”

While the Adbank team manages Intergalactic client campaigns directly, clients can login to the platform for back-end information and visibility to their metrics, giving them full transparency of how their ad budget is being spent. The bar of quality is set high for both publishers and advertisers to ensure only high-quality campaigns get through and no questionable content winds up on the network.

Based in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, Adbank is a digital advertising platform built on the blockchain and powered by Ethereum. Adbank is creating a new ecosystem to clean up the flow of digital advertising and payments online using a combination of AI and blockchain technology. Adbank aims to disrupt the current digital advertising ecosystem – murky, plagued with fraud and riddled with middlemen that impose massive markups while providing questionable value.

Disclosure: This article has been sponsored by Adbank Network

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