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Abstract artist hides secret code to Bitcoin in cryptic art

Los Angeles artist Andy Bauch has constructed art pieces which contain the code to crypto-wallets, some of which are valued at thousands of dollars.

Sometimes art is inspired by nature and sometimes it’s love which motivates, but it’s rare that we hear that cryptocurrency is an artist’s muse.

This is what makes Andy Bauch stand out. A Los-Angeles based abstract artist, finds his inspiration in the digital financial world of cryptocodes in his new art series, New Money.

In this series, Bauch has used Lego bricks to construct abstract patterns, which are both fascinating in their composition and their functionality. These works aren’t just inspired by cryptocurrency codes; they are literal puzzles to them. Each piece is embedded with the code to private key to a crypto-wallet which is up for grabs to anyone who is able to solve it.

In an interview with Gizmodo, Bauch said that he likes to think of himself as an enthusiast of the technology, but he’s certainly not a “rabid promoter.”

The project, which began in 2016, saw him invest just a little crypto – and a lot of Lego – into the art. Now the cryptos are valued significantly higher than when he purchased them, and at the time of press, the highest valued Bitcoin piece containing the code to what was $90 USD worth of Bitcoin at the time, is now worth $1775,78 USD.

Bauch said that with the work he does, he is “trying to span this gap that often exists between new technology and humanity,” and Lego gives a nice physical approach and works with the pixelated aesthetic he’s aiming to achieve.

In case you want to buy the piece to buy the cryptos, you’re unfortunately out of luck. Purchasing the art does not mean that you own the private key attached to it and the cryptocurrency is fair game to anyone who is willing to play and try and solve the puzzle. However, it might give you a one up if you do choose to buy it, Bauch has said he’ll give the purchaser “a hint” to help crack the code.

At the time of press, all cryptos seem to be available in each wallet, so it’s likely that they are yet to be solved.