A refresh of Ethereum’s Plasma looks a lot like Hydra

According to Ethereum co-founder and influential crypto figure Vitalik Buterin, Plasma should be revisited by the team.

Plasma was launched in 2017 as a solution to help Ethereum scale. As a layer-2 platform, Plasma helps the network run smoother by diverting data and information to an off-chain environment. According to the co-founder, the team that is working on  zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machines (ZK EVMs), should look to revise certain features of Plasma.

In an article, he wrote that roll-ups remain the premium standard but Plasma is an underrated space that could and should be worked on to harness the design. The article notes that since Plasma’s launch, the solution has been superseded by rollups because of their potential to solve issues related to large client-facing storage costs and the limitations of Plasma that make the solution primarily linked to payments.

“In 2023, Plasma is an underrated design space. Rollups remain the gold standard, and have security properties that cannot be matched.”

He added that Plasma could offer a massive security upgrade for chains that would be validiums otherwise. With the ZK-EVMs coming to a head at the end of this year, there is development capacity to re-explore Plasma’s design and consider how it can be a more effective solution to protect user funds.

Many in the community noted that rethinking Plasma’s design sounds noticeably similar to Cardano‘s Hydra solution, with some calling it a simple copy-paste of Hydra’s design.

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