73% believe US presidential candidates should know about crypto

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Nearly 75% believe that United States presidential candidates should be well-informed about innovative technologies, including cryptocurrencies. This comes from respondents in a survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Grayscale Investments.

In the survey, 73% of respondents noted that they agree (“strongly agree” or “somewhat agree”) that a presidential candidate should be informed on technology including artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies in presidential campaigns

There are several presidential candidates, such as Republican Vivek Ramaswamy, that have made digital currencies and cryptocurrencies a part of their campaigns. Despite this, the topic might not be a mainstream topic for the electoral debates once nominees are in place. Polls suggest that the currency United States President Joe Biden (Democratic) might face off with former President Donald Trump (Republican).

How relevant is crypto in the elections?

Grayscale noted that past economic concerns, including inflation, have generated interest in investing in assets like Bitcoin. There may be a need for additional education to help a broader audience understand nascent technologies like Bitcoin ($BTC) for greater mainstream adoption.

According to the results, 26% of respondents believe that inflation is the leading issue in the country that the President would need to address. Approximately 40% of those surveyed who have said they are familiar with crypto would be “more interested” in Bitcoin amid inflation. Conversely, around 40% of those unfamiliar with digital currencies said that they would be “less interested” in Bitcoin amid inflation.

According to Grayscale:

“In the past, inflation and other economic concerns have generated interest in investing in assets like Bitcoin. Those familiar with Bitcoin see it as a macro asset.”

The research also noted:

“There may be additional education needed to help a broader audience better understand nascent technologies, like Bitcoin, for there to be greater mainstream adoption.”

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